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How to travel by train across Italy in comfort?

Traveling by train is fast and safe, but it is not always comfortable. Depending on the place you choose, travel can become a nightmare hahaha...to avoid it, we have prepared a post with some tips for you to travel in a very comfortable way!

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How to travel by train across Italy in comfort?

When talking about traveling in Italy, the first option that comes to mind is to use the train. That’s because it’s fast, safe and comfortable, but there are some tips to make your experience even more unique. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to travel comfortably on Italian trains. Shall we? Shall we know how to travel by train across Italy comfortably? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) How to travel by train across Italy comfortably? TAKE LESS LUGGAGE!

First, let’s talk about luggage! To travel comfortably, the precious tip is never to take LOTS of luggage, especially if you are going to adopt the train as the main means of transport, including between cities and not only using the regional train. The less weight you take, the better it is, believe me! If you are going to Venice, take even less luggage! It is terrible to move around with large and heavy volumes and you will hardly find help! Another cliché tip, but super valid is: wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid tight clothing, high heels, shoes that are too tight. Read our posts The Stations in Italy: How to pack? and What to take in the luggage for Italy?

2) How to travel by train throughout Italy comfortably? TAKE A COAT ON THE TRAIN

Another important point is air conditioning. Many trains are air conditioned and if you are traveling during the summer, some trains can be quite cool (read cold!) So take a cardigan to protect yourself, especially if you travel at night! Speaking of night trains, it is one of the few trains where, sometimes, the inspectors can ask for a document of your own, usually your passport, so be prepared! In addition, keep your ticket until the end of the trip in an easily accessible place, O.K.?

3) How to travel by train throughout Italy comfortably? CHOOSE THE IDEAL SEAT

If the trip is longer and you will be traveling during the day, choose to sit by the window so you can better enjoy the view, but be sure to bring a book or something that keeps you distracted on longer trips. And don’t forget, no matter how safe it is, keep an eye on your luggage. You don’t have to hold on to it like it’s the last cold drink in the desert, but you can never be too careful.

The ideal seat

Don’t forget to choose the ideal seat. It is important to know that, generally, the first and the last wagons are restaurant wagons and where the restrooms are, so there is much more movement than the wagons in the middle of the train, for example. On hot days, the armchairs near the doors let the air conditioner ‘leak’ and that hot air rises when the doors open. And in the cold? That icy wind rises! Then opt for the more central seats in the cars

If you want legroom, opt for the armchair in the aisle. At worst, you can stretch your legs for a moment – of course, into the aisle. When choosing seats on the train, note that there are some seats with ‘free spaces’ in the front. There are, generally, the emergency exits and, as they cannot be blocked, they ‘skip’ a row, that is, there is plenty of space there for those who are taller.

4) How to travel by train throughout Italy comfortably? CHOOSE CENTRAL WAGONS

Speaking of wagons: the central ones are the most suitable. They are the most stable, but also the most sought after! If the back-and-forth movement does not disturb you, you can opt for a car near the restaurant car, but I warn you that the noise there is greater than in the rest of the train (for obvious reasons).

Important to Know

Watch out for emergency exits, watch out for all of them. The train is a super safe form of transport, but emergencies can happen and knowing what to do in the event of an accident is essential.

Useful information

Here are some important tips and suggestions for your train journey.


  • Take basic medicine in your hand luggage. What are basic medicines? Remedy for headache and nausea, at least. The air conditioning gives you a headache and, although almost minimal, the movement of the train can make you feel slightly sick, so it is better not to risk it.
  • Do I need to take a coat in the middle of summer if I travel by train? As we mentioned earlier, some air-conditioned trains can get colder than necessary, so if you are more sensitive to the cold, take a shirt. Nothing heavy, no need to take a snow coat hahaha… A lighter cardigan, or pullover will be enough.
  • Speaking of smell: if you have a ‘fragile’ stomach or are easily bothered by smells, AVOID the cars near the restaurant and the bathrooms. I’m not saying they smell bad, but when the bathroom door opens, for example, the smell can ‘spread’ nearby. The same goes for the armchairs near the restaurant: suddenly you smell delicious and, suddenly, another not so good; and traveling with seasickness, it’s not cool!
  • Avoid using hand creams, perfumes or deodorants with a strong smell inside the train. This can bother other passengers and, due to the air conditioning, the smell can perpetuate itself until the end of the trip.


  • Another important point: hydrate yourself! Drink plenty of water! Remember that air conditioning, although it is great for soothing the heat, can be terrible for the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Therefore, drink plenty of water, especially on longer trips, O.K.? If you wear contact lenses, remember to bring eye drops along with the remedies we mentioned earlier. Only those who use it know that the air conditioner dries out the lens and the eyes can sting and itch, so be ready.
  • If you are traveling in the cold, don’t worry: there is a heating system on the train that will keep you warm, but the tips for the period of air conditioning are valid too. Drink water, moisturize your eyes and protect yourself well when getting off at destination station, so as not to have a thermal shock and catch a cold. The golden tip here is: indoors, take off your heavy coat and put it on just before you leave, O.K.? If you travel during the winter, bring an anti-flu, you may need it! ; )

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