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How to take medicine on your trip to Italy?

To avoid problems both when boarding and disembarking, we will give you important tips and information, which can help you when assembling your first aid kit! Come with us!!!


How to take medicine on your trip to Italy?

Hello! How are you today? 🙂 Very well, I hope! Even knowing that you are traveling with the mandatory Health Insurance contracted, it is not worth triggering it for, for example, a boring headache due to flight fatigue, you can very well take a medicine that you are already accustomed to, such as dipyrone or paracetamol, but, do you know how to take medicine on your trip to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING ROUTINE MEDICINE

Well, let’s start with more routine medicine like simple painkillers, remedies for motion sickness, among others. To avoid problems both in boarding and in disembarking, we will give you two very simple and important tips , right away, that can help you when assembling your first aid kit. Read also Documentation to enter Italy! and Do I need to be vaccinated to enter Italy?

  • Keep your medications, always, in their original packaging, with the label and, if possible, closed. Avoid using medicine pods! Although practical, medication without identification can cause problems with customs in the country of destination.
  • Try to travel with a prescription from your trusted doctor, who attests that you use the medicine. This can prevent many misunderstandings.


  • What to take? The ideal basic kit has: medicine for flu, headache, stomach pain, diarrhea, heartburn, eye drops, medicine for nausea, muscle relaxant and medicine for fever, in addition to a thermometer and bandages.


  • It is not difficult to buy this type of simpler medicine in Italian pharmacies, but the dosage and name of the medicine are not always the same, so it is better not to risk and avoid buying as much as possible in Italy without medical advice, after all we are talking about health and we SHOULD NOT PLAY AROUND with health, especially in the middle of a trip!

2) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING CONTROLLED MEDICINE

For cases of controlled remedies (black stripe and other restricted ones) you need to be even more careful: you will need a medical certificate with your full name, which contains the medical prescription for treatment with the medication and the dosage thereof. Keep the medicine in its original packaging, with instructions for use, as mentioned in item 1!

3) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING LIQUID MEDICINE, OINTMENTS AND SPRAYS

For liquid medicines, ointments and sprays, observe the limit per 100 ml bottle. Even in the case of medication, this amount cannot be greater than that determined by the responsible bodies.

4) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING HOMEOPATHIC AND PHYTOTHERAPY MEDICINE

In case of homeopathic and herbal medicine, remember that they cannot undergo radiation, that is: stay away from the x-ray, request a manual searchand present the recipe. Read also Do I need an Invitation Letter to enter Italy?

5) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING MEDICINE FOR DIABETICS

For diabetics there are some specific rules and tips that can help a lot during the trip. Before traveling, talk to your doctor! Ask him to help you determine the doses of medication that should be administered so that you can adapt to the new time zone. Also ask for a certificate in English explaining your type of diabetes and describing the proposed treatment, which will explain your need for insulin, lancets, syringes, etc. Remember to request the inclusion of the ICD, International Classification of Diseases, in the certificate!

Important to Know

  • Always carry duplicate copies of the certificate and always keep one in your hand luggage, with your passport.
  • Make a list of the medications you are carrying (number of syringes, lancets, insulin) and present them with your passport and medical certificate. It will greatly facilitate your passage through customs.
  • Avoid sitting too long. So, walk for a few moments, stretch your legs and stay hydrated. Tip: wear comfortable clothes and, if possible, compression stockings recommended by your doctor!

6) How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? TAKING OXYGEN CYLINDER

For travelers who need to use an oxygen cylinder, it is necessary to contact the airline at least 5 days in advance to inform the situation. It is worth remembering that not all oxygen cylinders are authorized for boarding, each airline has its restrictions, so, inquire!

Talk to your doctor about oxygen supplementation and prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. You will also need to send the MEDIF to the company, which is in a form, filled out and stamped by the doctor, which should include your personal information, your companion’s, specific needs on board and / or on the ground such as stretcher, wheelchair, batteries , ambulance and oxygen.

Useful information

  • Always take your medicine in your hand luggage to avoid problems if your bag is lost.
  • Respect the limits determined by your country agency for the limit of medicine allowed, if the limit is not respected, your medication will be discarded in your presence, by an employee responsible for control.
  • Also respect the weight and dimensions of your bag with medications: it cannot weigh more than one kilo and must measure a maximum of 20 x 20 cm.
  • All medication must be in transparent and sealed plastic bags. (zip lock style plastic bags).
  • In case of medication that requires refrigeration, ask the airline that they will take care of it for you. Inquire directly with the company that they will tell you how to proceed.
  • Another important tip: it is not the case in Italy, but if you are going to travel to other countries, especially exotic countries, check the vaccine requirement and take them at least 15 days before your trip.

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How to take medicine on your trip to Italy? As you´ve seen, taking medicines in your trip is not that difficult. You just need to make sure about the type and quantities of medicines you are taking and make sure to respect the limit allowed by law.

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier. 🙂

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