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How to go to Cascia from Rome?

Cascia is the birthplace of Saint Rita, a city that certainly deserves a visit. Today we will give you tips and options on how to get to the city of Cascia from Rome!

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How to go to Cascia from Rome?

How to get to Cascia from Rome? This post came out of a question from our dear reader, Vivian, and it will certainly serve many other readers who are also interested in visiting Cascia, this beautiful city, full of magical history! So, without further ado, let’s go! How to go to Cascia from Rome? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

A little more about Cascia…

Cascia is a small town in Umbria, in the countryside, in the province of Perugia, best known for being the place where Saint Rita lived. It is visited every year by thousands of faithful on pilgrimage, to look for signs of her life, her faith and her miracles in this place. Also read our Special Post How to go to the most beautiful cities near Rome, round trip from the Capital.

We say that whoever comes to Cascia, certainly visits out of devotion to Saint Rita, the nun, who was beatified in 1900 and who lived between 1381 and 1457, known as a dispenser of grace and revered around the world.


To get to Cascia we have some alternatives, but, unfortunately, Cascia (like so many cities in Umbria) is not well connected with public transport such as trains. Getting there is not so simple, but I will present some options to facilitate your arrival to Cascia! Find out all about Cascia in this Post!

1) How to go to Cascia from Rome? WITH THE TRAIN

Cassia doesn’t have her own train station, so here’s an idea. Take the train from Rome’s Termini train station to Spoleto, the city with the nearest railway station to Cascia. From Rome to Spoleto, several trains depart daily, approximately every 01:30 – 02:00. The duration of the trip is about 01h30min.

From Termini Station

Just go to Termini Station and buy the ticket the day before, or book in advance through the Trenitalia website. See this link on the Train Difference in Italy to understand the differences that are well explained, including values! Train schedules can change, so I advise you, before making the trip, check the schedules and organize all the coincidences so that you don’t get lost or unable to return to Rome on the same day, O.K.? Stay VERY attentive to the schedules! Also read our Post about the Central Market at Roma Termini Station!

From Spoleto

Arriving in Spoleto you will have to take the bus departing for Cascia and vice versa (for the return) or a taxi. Remember to always calculate all travel times to return to the train station in time to catch the train to Rome.

From Spoleto to Cascia – Timesheet
Cascia – Spoleto / Spoleto – Cascia
Departure from:TimeDestinationArrivalFrequency
Cascia06.05 amSpoleto, Stazione FS07.10 amDaily
Spoleto, Stazione FS06.55 amCascia08.00 amWeekdays
Cascia07.00 amSpoleto, Stazione FS08.05 amWeekdays
Spoleto, Stazione FS07.40 amCascia08.45 amHolidays
Cascia08.50 amSpoleto, Stazione FS09.55 amHolidays
Spoleto, Stazione FS10.00 amCascia11.05 amDaily
Cascia11.20 amSpoleto, Stazione FS12.25 pmMon-Sat
Spoleto, Stazione FS01.30 pmCascia02.35 pmMon-Sat
Cascia01.55 pmSpoleto, Stazione FS03.00 pmMon-Sat
Cascia02.00 pmSpoleto, Stazione FS03.00 pmMon-Sat
Spoleto, Stazione FS02.05 pmCascia03.10 pmDaily
Cascia04.00 pmSpoleto, Stazione FS05.05 pmMon-Sat
Spoleto, Stazione FS05.10 pmCascia06.25 pmDaily
Cascia06.10 pmSpoleto, Stazione FS07.15 pmMon-Sat
Cascia06.15 pmSpoleto, Stazione FS07.15 pmMon-Sat
Spoleto, Stazione FS08.00 pmCascia09.05 pmDaily


  • We are not responsible for any changes in schedules.


  • Ideal option for people who like to do things at their own pace.
  • For people who are used to traveling, mainly by train.
  • For young people, for those who are backpacking.
  • And especially for people who want to save money and are in no hurry!


  • For families with young children and for elderly people it ends up being very tiring. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AT ALL!
  • Having to adapt to the fixed schedules of the round-trip trains.
  • Having to go to the sights alone, without knowing the city or speaking the local language.
  • Time wasted on public buses from railway stations to places where tourist attractions are located or money you will spend extra on taxi once you reach your destination.
  • Another detail worth mentioning: get ready because, generally, the regional railway trains are very bad and sometimes very dirty, so don’t create high expectations! If you use the train, always choose the high speed train to avoid this type of problem.
  • One more thing: the time that is lost with all these trips, could be used to get more out of the city visited!

Important to Know

Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of rail transport. Find out here What is the difference between trains in Italy?. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot! To learn more, read our post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

Unfortunately in Italy, trains (with the exception of high-speed trains) can be delayed, especially in winter! So be prepared for that possibility. As my husband says, just as it is true that in Italy you eat VERY well, it is certain that trains are always late!

I have lived in Italy for several years and I am used to these types of trains, but I prefer to warn readers about this; if you want to travel on clean, comfortable trains and without delay (especially in southern Italy) you should always use high-speed trains, which cost a little more, but, in my opinion, the difference in value the most is really worthwhile.

2) How to go to CASCIA from Rome? WITH A GROUP TOUR

My first indication is a small group tour that offers, more or less, what a private tour offers. The difference is that the city tour has fixed days to carry out the tours. This type of proposal is unique, in terms of quality and benefit, as you will get a much better price, since the values ​​can be shared with more people. Also read What to do in a day in Assisi?

Group tours are a great alternative for those who do not want to spend so much and for those who are not used to traveling alone and therefore prefer to be in a group, where there will be a person who will organize all the tours of the day! That way you don’t have to worry about anything! Just being rested and willing to discover magnificent places! There are several tours that depart from the center of Rome, near Termini station. Right next to the station they have a place that sells this type of tour, so just go there and hire the service! You wanted to do a city tour, didn’t you? Click the link below and check it out!



  • IDEAL option if you are alone, as a couple or with up to seven friends;
  • Save on the time you would spend going to the train stations to take the trains, or with transportation to reach the tourist places to be visited in Assisi;
  • Visit of TWO cities on the same day (Assisi and Cascia);
  • Less time spent traveling, fees for taxis, trains and transportation;
  • Service with the charm that the Italian can offer and with the excellence that you seek;
  • You can enjoy a “bicchiere di vino” (drink wine) during lunch without having to worry about driving afterwards :), since in Italy the laws are strict against those who drive after they have drunk (even a small amount of alcohol) ;
  • If you have children, it will be a great option!
  • If you are with elderly people or people with limited mobility, this option is ideal, as it requires little movement and, when necessary, you will have all the necessary assistance.


  • There is practically none! Just the issue of adapting to the program of the day, and meeting the tour schedule!


  • Remember, always read customer testimonials before proceeding with the reservation.

3) How to go to Cascia from Rome? BY BUS

If your choice is by bus: you will have to go to the Tirbutina bus and train station to take the bus, there are few departures per day, so it is important to go one day or, preferably, two days before to the station for buy the ticket so that it finds availability and so that it has all the schedules. The operator is BusItalia. Between the train and the bus I think the bus is better to lose less time.

Schedules from Rome to Cassia – Schedules from Cassia to Rome
Cascia – Rome / Rome – Cascia
Departure fromTimeDestinationArrivalFreqency
Rome. Tiburtina Station07.30amCascia10.40amDaily
Cascia07.30amRome, Tiburtina Station10.31amMon-Sat
Rome. Tiburtina Station03.30pmCascia06.34pmMon-Sat
Cascia03.30pmRome. Tiburtina Station06.31pmMon-Sat


  • We are not responsible for any changes in schedules.


  • The value of the ticket which is very cheap.


Virtually the same disadvantages that you have if you choose the train.

  • Frequent delays can cause you to lose precious time on your way out, and especially on your return;
  • Buses can break, get traffic or leave you somewhere you don’t know, be careful not to get lost;
  • Tickets are not always available for the times you prefer, the interval between buses, like those on trains, is long, reaching two hours! Be patient! I advise you to go buy the bus ticket the day before to have everything organized.

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How to get to Cascia from Rome? Let’s be careful, the cheap is expensive, especially in a place you don’t know, and without knowing how to speak the local language! So I suggest you think carefully about the options presented above, especially if you are traveling with children and the elderly! Don’t take any risks, invest a little more and travel safely, comfortably and without worries or risks of ruining your long-awaited trip, O.K.? Regardless of the way you decide to take this trip, I hope my advice is useful for you to be able to make your trip peaceful and safe.

If you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier.

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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