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How to get to Civitavecchia?

In addition to being home to one of the busiest tourist ports in Italy, Civitavecchia is also a small town full of interesting points. Today we have prepared a special post with Civitavecchia attractions and information for you to get there!

Civitavecchia (Source Pixabay)

How to get to Civitavecchia?

If you take a cruise through Italy, the chance of one of the stops being in Civitavecchia is great! Neighbor of the famous eternal city, Rome, Civitavecchia is full of charm, well structured, elegant and has become one of the tourists’ favorites. Today we are going to visit Civitavecchia ! And learn: how to get to Civitavecchia? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The Comune di Civitavecchia website is amazing and literally gives us the map to get to the city. By clicking on this link, you can find everything about how to get to Civitavecchia; on this other link, you will find an interesting map – it won’t harm you to print it and take it with you! ; )

Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport is Rome’s main airport and the closest to Civitavecchia, around 60 km away; Ciampino airport is 85 kilometers away. However, depending on where you disembark, you will have to choose between traveling by public or private transport to reach the port of Civitavecchia: here are the main alternatives available. Discover our Section on Airports in Italy!

1) How to get to Civitavecchia? WITH PRIVATE TRANSFER

Before traveling, make your Transfer reservation so you don’t have any worries, as the driver will already be there waiting for you with a poster. So you won’t have to think about anything, just go calmly and safely to Civitavecchia. By accessing the “ Transfer Service ” link, you will be able to obtain more information about this option, with no commitment. The Transfer is direct! No stops! The driver speaks English (booking in advance)! Not to mention that it makes our life much easier when it comes to suitcases . Imagine carrying bags inside other transports, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. It’s just not comfortable for those who are traveling in order to relax;)


  • It is definitely the least stressful option. There’s nothing better than arriving after a long journey and finding someone waiting to take you straight to your desired destination without wasting much time, with a comfortable, clean car and a friendly driver, with a friendly smile and always available to help you. If you book in advance, he will speak to you in ENGLISH “ Transfer Service “. Also know ” How to get around Rome ?”.


  • In comparison with the other means of transport that will be presented here, there is no way to compare , as just knowing that your peace of mind, safety and satisfaction will be guaranteed, I certainly say that it is worth the price paid for the service . With Transfer, you won’t have to worry about consulting maps, nor be afraid to make “wrong” choices regarding the means of transport!

2) How to get to Civitavecchia? FROM AIRPORT TO RAILWAY STATIONS

Let’s now look at some options to get to Civitavecchia from Rome Airports.

From Rome Fiumicino Airport to Train Stations

Rome Fiumicino airport has a train station. Rome Ciampino Airport is connected to the station of the same name by ATRAL buses . It is worth remembering that, currently, there are no direct connections and it is necessary to make at least one change of line to reach Civitavecchia station.

From Fiumicino station , you can take a direct train to Rome and get off at the Roma Trastevere stop. From there, you will have to change trains and go to Civitavecchia station. It takes about 1h30 and you pay a total of € 12.60 (€ 8 + € 4.60). If you prefer, get off at Roma Ostiense station and head towards Civitavecchia. The value is the same.

Did you know?

Trenitalia is the leading Italian company dedicated to the management of rail transport. Also find out ” What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

From Rome Ciampino Airport to Train Stations

From Rome Ciampino airport, you can reach Civitavecchia station by making two changes:

  1. Take the ATRAL shuttle bus that connects the airport to the station in just 5 minutes and costs € 1.20 . When you arrive at Ciampino train station, take the train to Roma Termini, which costs € 1.50 and departs every 12 minutes.
  2. From Roma Termini to Civitavecchia, the cost of a regional train’s ticket is € 5.00 and the journey takes around 1h15; for an intercity train, you pay € 11.00 and it takes a little less, around 48 minutes. If you want to use Freccia Bianca, the price rises to € 15 and the journey takes 42 minutes.

Golden Tip for not making mistakes

  • FL1 is the railway line that connects Fiumicino station to Roma Trastevere and Roma Ostiense stations; FL4 is the railway line that connects Ciampino station to Roma Termini and other Castelli Romani sites; line FL5 connects numerous stations in Rome, including Roma Termini, Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere and Roma San Pietro with Civitavecchia station.


  • The values ​​mentioned here may change without prior notice from the responsible companies!


  • The advantage of traveling by train is speed, as it doesn’t get into traffic, and the value for money is very good.


  • That way you lose a little time in the sense that you need more transport to get to your destination, in addition to tiredness and distance and the bags that we have to carry all the time.

3) How to get to Civitavecchia? BY BUS

Do you want to go by bus? No problem! As an alternative to the train, you have a few options departing from Roman airports.

Leaving Fiumicino Airport

Terravision operates the service and you can buy a ticket at the airport, before the bus departs, or online at the official website. From Rome Fiumicino, departures are every 30 minutes to Roma Termini with no intermediate stops. The ticket price is € 4 each way.

Leaving Ciampino Airport

From Ciampino, departures are every 40 minutes to Roma Termini, with no intermediate stops and the ticket price is € 4 each way.

Another option from Fiumicino and Ciampino

Another option is to use the Schiaffini Travel buses; same scheme for purchasing tickets: on site or online. It has departures every 45 minutes from Fiumicino and the buses are excellent, as well as offering a reservation with the possibility of cancellation, luggage space included and free Wi-Fi on board. The cost from Fiumicino to Roma Termini is € 4.00

From Ciampino, departures are every 60 minutes and follow the same rule as above. It costs € 3.90. Cotral also provides the service! From Rome Fiumicino, you can reach Termini station in 60 minutes for € 5.00; if you buy it on board, there will be an extra charge of € 2.00. Another option is the Sitbus that departs from Roma Fiumicino and Roma Ciampino, respectively, for € 6.00 and € 4.00.


  • This type of transport is super economical, but it is only convenient when there are few people, 1 or two people, more than that, it is advisable to take a Private Transfer.


  • It wastes a little time and is tiring going down and up stairs with suitcases after a long journey. Also, think about the bags you are carrying;)

4) How to get to Civitavecchia? BY CAR

Are you by car? Easy! From the south, via the A1, head south towards Rome – 90 km. Take the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) A90 in the inner direction of Appia / Fiumicino airport; then take the Fiumicino airport exit via the A12 highway and continue towards Civitavecchia, taking the A12. Take the exit at Civitavecchia Sud (toll € 1.20) and follow signs for Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardegna.

Alternatively, you can continue until the Civitavecchia Nord exit (toll € 2.30) and from there take the Tarquinia intersection following the signs for Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardegna. Here the turning is longer, but you don’t waste so much time in traffic at the main entrance. If you are coming from the north on the A1 – Orte at Km 84, take the SS675 towards Viterbo; take the exit at Viterbo Sud and continue on the SS2 – Via Cassia – towards Vetralla. In Vetralla, take the SS1BIS towards Civitavecchia and then the SS1 Aurelia. Follow signs for Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardinia.


  • If you are with 4 or 5 people, it will be a great option in relation to the train or the bus;
  • Great for discovering more places in the same day, at your own time and pace;
  • It is the best means of transport for people who are used to driving anywhere and find it easy to “locate” themselves.


  • You must have an international driver’s license (PID) to be able to drive in Italy;
  • Those who drive don’t enjoy the beautiful landscapes during the trip!
  • Extra expenses with the GPS (average price of € 15.00) so as not to get lost so much;
  • Another thing, folks: to drive in Italy, as I’ve explained several times, is it essential to have an international driver’s license or your driver’s license with a certified translation, OK? If you don’t have it, DON’T DRIVE, as you will have a lot of trouble if you are stopped by Italian police! READ THE POST: DO I NEED AN INTERNATIONAL LICENSE TO DRIVE IN ITALY?
  • Drivers are not allowed to drink, the Italian laws on this are very strict and you run the risk of getting a really huge fine. So if you intend to enjoy a great Italian wine during lunch, be aware of this! Don’t run the risk of spoiling your vacation !!!
  • It is not suitable for people who are not safe in asking for information, especially if they do not speak Italian, as well as with the train or bus not knowing the territory; you may end up wasting precious time that could be used for sightseeing.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

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Important to know

  • Also, it is important to know that in tourist cities there are places (historic centers) where PARKING IS PROHIBITED , and it can only be used by people who live there! That’s why it’s important not to go to these places so as not to take unnecessary fines.
  • How to understand what these places are? See the post that talks about it, but anyway, another tip for those who are unsure about it, is to park a little outside the center and go downtown on foot or, spending a little more, by taxi or other public transport.

Shall we get to know Civitavecchia?

Civitavecchia is an Italian city in the province of Rome located in the area between the Mignone and Marangone rivers. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, it has been known for its harbor since ancient times. Despite the terrible bombardments that took place during World War II, the port area still maintains some of its civil architecture, such as the antemural Cristopher Columbus, which is a dam that extends for more than 2000 meters, at Vanvitelli Fountain, passing by Fort Michelangelo . Let’s now explore a little of this beautiful city, getting to know its history and attractions better.

Fort Michelangelo

One of the most beautiful spots in the city is Fort Michelangelo ; in addition to being one of the symbols of Civitavecchia, it is also one of the most important structures on the coast of the Lazio region. Inside the historic port, it is a mandatory stop for visitors to Civitavecchia. The Forte is the headquarters of the Port’s Master Office and has recently undergone an intense revitalization work.

The Taurine Baths of Civitavecchia

Also interesting are the Taurine Baths of Civitavecchia, also called Trajan Baths. Here you will find an archaeological site of great historical importance located in the northern part of the city. Among the ruins, you can see tanks, massage rooms and several well-preserved environments, all decorated with friezes, mosaics and marbles that will make you relive the times of ancient Rome.

The Baths of Ficoncella

Another very interesting place is the Baths of Ficoncella; the waters here will renew you, be sure! The structure is very old and was already known and appreciated in antiquity, it was often used as an alternative to the famous Taurine Batha, which already existed in Roman times. The water that still flows from the fountain is the same one that Emperor Trajan bathed in centuries ago and the place known for its health benefits with water that has numerous therapeutic properties.

Civitavecchia Marina

One of the most delightful places in Civitavecchia is the Civitavecchia Marina, which includes the entire stretch of seafront from Fort Michelangelo through Viale Garibaldi and the Pirgo factory, finally reaching the south on Borgo Odescalchi. It has recently undergone refurbishment work, and has become a true center of life for the city. It is there that, now, the place hosts events, concerts and presentations.

Piazza della Vita and the Sanctuary of Madonna di Pantano

The center of all activities is the large area of Piazza della Vita ( “Square of Life”), formerly Piazzale of Events ( “Events Square”), opposite Fort Michelangelo, where, in summer, it is easy to find exhibitions of local and handcrafted products, stalls, toys for children, street performers, bars, street food, kiosks and outdoor venues. It’s an amazing place! About seven kilometers north of Civitavecchia stands the beautiful Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pantano, where there is a shrine with a small plaster statue of the Virgin of Medjugorje; legend has it that on February 2nd, 1995, the saint would have shed blood. Since then, the place has become a place of worship and prayer for thousands of faithful who come from all over the world.

The Historic Center

We continue to the historic center of Civitavecchia, which takes place in Piazza Leandra, in the heart of the old medieval village. Here you will find the small Church of the Star that rises and passes through Porta dell’Archetto until reaching Piazza Saffi, where you can still see the remains of the ancient city walls, erected by Antonio da Sangallo at the request of Pope Leo X.

La Frasca

If you have time, head to La Frasca, which is a town located about 9 km from the port of Civitavecchia. This stretch of coast is one of the most beautiful in the area and is immersed in impressive nature. The continuous erosion caused by the sea has produced an irregular beach formed by small bays and inlets, ideal for those who like to dive. With a rocky bottom, natural habitat for countless species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, it offers visitors incredible views: under and above water! Inland you will find a wonderful pine forest which, in summer, offers a cool shelter from the heat, as well as being inviting for a picnic.

The Civitavecchia Market

Don’t miss the Civitavecchia Market, also called the San Lorenzo market . In the heart of the historic center, around Piazza Regina Margherita, this is where every morning citizens come to buy fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood. Here you will also find shops, bars, pizzerias and very nice places.

The Cathedral of Civitavecchia

It is impossible not to mention the beautiful Cathedral of Civitavecchia, dedicated to Saint Francis Assisi – patron saint of Italy; it is the main church in the city. It was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1950 by architect Plinio Marconi. Outside, it has a solid and elegant structure, embellished by two large statues representing St. Francis Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua; inside, it has a unique nave and it is possible to admire valuable works, including the Nativity, attributed to Domenico Zampieri, known as Domenichino. The Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Civitavecchia and Tarquinia. On December 13th, 2015, the Holy Door opened on the occasion of Pope Francis’ Jubilee of Mercy and, for the occasion, the entrance door was restored with a special plaque to celebrate the Jubilee.

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How to get to Civitavecchia ? Civitavecchia will delight you! If you can, spend the whole day there: the city will surprise you! If you feel insecure or have no time, and need  help to organize your trip,  do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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