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How to communicate in a restaurant in Italy?

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How to communicate in a restaurant in Italy?

Italian gastronomy is fabulous, but do you know how to communicate in a restaurant? Today you will learn how to communicate in any Italian restaurant with simple but very effective phrases, thanks to our endless experience traveling to Italy and answering all our clients’ wishes.  Are you all ready? Let’s go! How to communicate in a restaurant in Italy? Stay with us and make the most of boot country! Here at Your Travel To Italy we make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also, please get to know our Section Examples of Tourist Itineraries in Italy!



Our Introduction

Some of the best moments of our lives happen at the table, and in Italy, this is redundant, because any moment at the table in Italy is very special! Food lovers go crazy in Italy, and no wonder: Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world, too, because of its rich and varied gastronomy! Today we’re going to learn how to communicate in Italian restaurants!

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Al Ristorante

Siamo arrivati in una delle parti più deliziose del viaggio: la cucina italiana. I ristoranti italiani sono une delle fermate obbligatorie quando si viaggia in Italia. Per sfruttare al meglio questa esperienza, diamo un’occhiata alle espressioni più utilizzate.

At the restaurant

We arrived at one of the most delicious parts of the trip: Italian cuisine. Italian restaurants are one of the must-see stops when traveling to Italy. To be able to make the most of this experience, let’s look at the most commonly used expressions.

Posso fare una prenotazione?Can I make a reservation?
Per favore, può riservarci per stasera un tavolo per cinque persone?Please, can you book a table for five tonight?
Ho fatto una prenotazione per due a nome mio.I made a reservation for two on my behalf.
Volete aspettare nel bar?Would you like to wait at the bar?
C’è una attesa di 20 minuti.It has a 20-minute wait.
Vi chiamo quando il vostro tavolo sarà pronto.I’ll call when your table is ready.
Mi può dire dov’è la toilette, per favore?Please, where is the bathroom?
Vorrei un tavolo per due persone, per favore.I would like a table for two people, please.
Il menù, per favore?The menu, please?
Ha già scelto?  Volete ordinare?Have you already chosen?  Do you want to order?
Scusi, vorei ordinare.Excuse me, I would like to make the request.
Cosa ci consiglia?What do you advise us to do?
Avete una specialità della casa?Do you have a house specialty?
Avete piatti vegetariani?Do you have vegetarian dishes?
Sleep allergic to…I’m allergic to…
Can I bake it?Can I try it? (food)
Quali sono gli antipasti?What are the inputs?
Cosa c’è da bere?What’s in it for you to drink?
Per favore, una bottiglia di vino.Please bring a bottle of wine.
Vorrei la carne poco/mediamente/molto cotta.I’d like my meat medium-rare, done, or well-done.
Mi potrebbe portare una forchetta / un cucchiaio/ un coltello, per favore?Could you bring me one more fork/spoon/knife, please?
Desidera altro?Do you want anything else?
Vorrei ordinare il dolce, per favore.I would like to order dessert, please.
Il conto, per favore.The bill, please.
Dov’è la cassa? / Dove paid?Where’s the cashier?
Il resto è per Lei.You can keep the change.
È stato un pasto fantastico, grazie!It was an amazing meal. Thank you!


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How to communicate in a restaurant in Italy? Let go of that fear of ordering from the menu and not getting it because the waiter didn’t understand what you ordered! Knowing basic but efficient phrases will make your communication much easier, and, rest assured, you will feel much safer when entering any restaurant in Italy!

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