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How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap?

Today we will give you several tips and information for you to book your hotel in Italy  peacefully! And here you have step-by-step instructions to learn how to make your reservation! Stay with us!


How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap?

One of the biggest difficulties for travelers is choosing a hotel. In fact it is quite complicated to choose a hotel without knowing its location, without having an indication, without knowing if the value for money is good, etc. Thinking about it, we decided to clarify it for you. We made a special post to help you choose a hotel quickly, easily and safely. Let’s go to our post of the day? How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? THINK ABOUT THE TOURIST SEASON

First of all I advise you to understand what can increase or decrease the value of a hotel reservation. Low, medium or high tourist season? Also read our Post What is the best month to travel to Italy? Choosing in advance the best period to travel will help you find a good hotel at a much more affordable price. We can divide Italy into 3 major zones:

Southern Italy (Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Apúglia)

The high season for these areas will always be in the spring, but mainly in the Italian summer (from June to August and until mid-September). That’s because Italians (and Europeans) usually travel to these areas in the summer for a relaxing season at sea.

Art Cities

The opposite is true of what happens in southern Italy: the low season here is when it is high season ‘down there’, mainly in July and August; that is: the high season here will be from March to June and from September to October.

Watch this video and learn: What is the average cost of a day in Italy?

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Mountain and Snow Tourism

In this case, the most expensive months will be the winter months (from November until, more or less, the Easter period). In Italy, we will find several ski resorts and many resort hotels, mainly in the Alps and central Apennines zones. Read our section on Skiing in Italy!

We can mention, for example:

  • Cortina D’Ampezzo (the most famous and popular in Italy), mainly for the quality and variety of its pistes, as well as for its intense nightlife and the wide range of accommodation options. The Cortina d’Ampezzo ski area, along with the slopes of San Vito di Cadore Auronzo – Misurina, are part of the Dolomiti Superski: the largest ski area in Europe.
  • Cervinia, is the most important in the Valle d’Aosta, with more than 100 kilometers of pistes.
  • Courmayeur, which is another important ski resort in the Valle d ‘Aosta, is divided into two areas: Val Veny and Chécrouit, with a total of 100 kilometers of ski slopes! There are so many many options, but these are certainly the main ones.


2) How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? ANALYZE THE LOCATION WELL

The location of the hotel greatly influences the choice, the closer you want to be to the main tourist monuments, the more you will pay for this convenience! It is also very important to evaluate the profile of the person who travels with us. If you are an elderly person, or if you have young children, long trips can be tiring, so in this case, I believe it is worthwhile to be in more central areas. In the case of young people, people with availability and good adaptation, it is much more worth choosing a hotel outside the center that will help, and a lot, to save! For this it is important to ask these two questions:

How many days will I stay in this city?

If it’s just one day, isn’t it better to pay a little more and stay downtown? So you save travel time and cover a greater number of sights to visit.

The hotel is outside the center, but does it have transport?

The hotel is outside the center, but does it have easy public transport? This is of fundamental importance: to know if you will be able to move around easily! Maybe you pay almost nothing for a hotel, but that hotel does not offer good public transport, and you will end up having to take a taxi. You already know what the result is, don’t you? It ends up being much more expensive than if you were staying in the center, where you could do everything on foot (or by train, bus and subway!). So it is important to understand if what we are going to save with the hotel we will not end up spending on transportation.


  • You want to go to Venice and know that being there is really expensive. The secret is to stay in Venice Mestre, located 15 minutes from Venice (by train or bus), you can come and go on the same day, until midnight there is always transportation! With this little trick you can save up to 40% on your hosting!

Important to Know

Another thing, for people traveling with a rental car, taking a hotel out of town almost always results in great savings! The secret is to get to a region where you can leave your car parked at a station (preferably paid parking or secure area, so as not to have an unpleasant surprise) and take the subway (Rome and Milan), or bus, to get downtown. Why park the car in the center? Remember that in some regions traffic is controlled and / or prohibited, sometimes it is also prohibited to travel in some regions at certain times. Find out more in our Driving in Italy section!

Another important way to save “indirectly” on accommodation is not to consume products from the hotel’s minibar! They are very expensive! So always stop by a supermarket and buy what you think you will need during your stay, such as water, juices, chocolates, yogurts, etc.

3) How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? EVALUATE THE PRICES

What is the average price of accommodation in Italy? Obviously the values ​​change according to seasonality (depends on the season), the number of stars that the structure offers, if it is central, the city you are visiting, etc. So consider that, at least, you will spend an average of 50 to 60 Euros per person, less than that you will find only if it is an offer, or if you are going to sleep in a low category hotel, away from the center.


Traveling by choosing the right seasons for each region can result in savings of 30 to 40% and if you combine that with a great choice of hotel location, the result will be an excellent saving of money and time, which can be used, for example , eat better, shop or relax at the hotel after a busy day.


If you cannot choose the right season to travel there are other strategies, for example, I have used the Booking.com website for many years where we can book without delay, online and safely with great convenience and we can often pay the hotel directly on site .

4) How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? FOLLOW THIS STEP-BY-STEP

Are we going to see all this in practice? Aren’t you an expert in this type of search? Then follow my step-by-step instructions and find out now how to book your hotel through Booking.com! Before step-by-step read our Post Accommodation in Italy – differences between hotel categories for you to better understand the difference between hotels and other accommodations in Italy.

First Step

Access this Booking.com link and you will find the following screen:

How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap?

So just put the name of the city where you will be staying, day of arrival and departure, the price range you want to pay. Be honest and understand that if you choose a very touristic city and a very low price, it is obvious that you will run the risk of getting into a scoop, so I advise you to always put a value from at least 100 euros.Then choose the hotel category (3, 4, 5 stars, B&B).

Second Step

Continue to choose more options in the filter so that the best options come according to your need, for example, choose the option SMART OFFER. The places of interest (read what I talked about at the beginning of the post and understand if it’s what you want), always remembering that the closer to an important tourist attraction in the city, the more it will cost.

For example, in the case of Rome I advise you to avoid staying, mainly, in the Piazza Venezia (Venice Square) area of ​​the Trevi Fountain, which are more expensive areas. Already close to Termini Station there are many hotel options for all tastes and budgets, in addition to being very well located, close to the station.

How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap?

Third Step

Always in relation to the search filters, I advise you to choose a hotel with at least one vote greater than 7 (considered good or more), the ideal would be hotels with a vote greater than 8 (very good) and avoid, if possible, hotels with votes below 7, they are generally more economical, but obviously you will be at risk of being disappointed.

Fourth Step

After applying all the desired filters, just click on ‘search’. All hotel options will appear on the screen and you will be able to select a second filter that would be the following (I advise you to choose accommodation with lower prices if you want to save) or evaluation grade and price (cost and benefit) and then the evaluation of guests (so that the best reviews come first).

How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap?

Fifth Step

I advise you to evaluate several hotels before deciding and to check location, services offered, if you have a private bathroom and all the points already mentioned, then just make the reservation and travel. Easy, isn’t it? Check out our section on Accommodation in Italy!


How to book a hotel in Italy without falling into a trap? As you realized one of the secrets to booking a great hotel that will not give you a “headache” is knowing how to choose the area where to stay. And how do you do that if you don’t know the city you’re going to? Just read the posts I wrote! Where to sleep in?

Do you prefer to choose your ideal hotel directly?

So access now the Booking.com website and book your hotel through a trusted and renowned website in the segment! In addition, by booking with our link, will be helping our blog to continue to give good contents to everyone planning a trip to Italy! And the best: without paying anything more for it! You will not regret! Access the link on the Blog and find the ideal hotel for your dream holidays in Italy! Without delay, online, safely and conveniently. Enter Booking.com on the link below and make your reservation now! Booking.com.

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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