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How much time do I have to pay a fine in Italy?

The dreaded fines received in Italy still cause many doubts and one of the main questions is “how much time do I have to pay them from the date of receipt?” Well, today you will learn EVERYTHING about the term of payment of Italian fines.

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How much time do I have to pay a fine in Italy?

It is very wrong to think that one of the most sought-after subjects on travel sites for Italy is Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice. The number-one search topic is about a subject that still generates a lot of discussion: fines! To be more specific, the number one question for travelers is “how much time do I have to pay them?” So today, I bring you a well-explained post on the maturity of fines in Italy. Let’s go to our post: How much time do I have to pay a fine in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


“Ana Patrícia, I received a fine in Italy last year … do I have to pay it?” – well, let’s take one  thing at a time! Before thinking about not paying the fine, let’s talk a little bit; I don’t want to lecture anyone, after all we are adults and aware of our actions. We all have our free will, our ethics, our principles and our character. So, paying or not, is beyond paying a few euros! We know that every action generates a reaction, and – even if you did not want to – you received a fine, my suggestion: bear the burden and pay it!

My Sugestion…

If you do not pay the fine and intend to return to Italy soon, it is important to be aware that you may not be able to rent a car, for example, since the fine is in the system of both the police and the rental companies. Of course, it will appear that there is a fine in your name that has not been paid and, therefore, you will not find a rental company that accepts the risk of receiving another fine.

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In article 260 of the Italian Highway Code, you will find the following information:

“The authorities have a period of 360 days to send the notification of a fine to the home of drivers residing in other countries”, that is, it takes time, but it arrives! You can be sure! Include in this period also, a possible stoppage of post offices, atypical events (such as closed airports), etc. – as the period may change due to force majeure. Well, let’s get straight to the point:

After how long does a fine expire?

After five years from the date the infraction was registered, but it is IMPORTANT that you know that the municipality responsible for issuing the fine can appeal and collect it in court with interest and monetary correction! Municipalities are entitled to charge for alleged violations even after the fine has expired.

You can also appeal if you receive a fine that you do not recognize, only if there is no license plate photographed, otherwise, there is nothing to discuss, they are irreducible.

Good to know …

  • If your rental car has been stolen and the vehicle has received the fine, to appeal it is necessary to present the police report and attach it to the requested documents.
  • If you do not have the means (money) to pay the fine, you can negotiate the payment method with the municipality.
  • The fine does not always arrive via post: you can receive the fine directly from an Italian official. Even if you do not intend to pay, the rental company will receive the fine, pay it and deduct the amount directly from your credit card. It may also happen that the rental company indicates you as the driver and, after 360 days, you receive the fine at home, that is, you will have to pay twice: the rental company’s expenses to pay off your debt and indicate you as the driver, and the municipality fine. In short, did you receive the fine from an authority?
  • Pay it immediately to avoid further problems; take the payment receipt and, when returning the vehicle, inform the rental company and give them a copy of the receipt (or keep the copy and hand over the original – the important thing is to have proof that the fine has been paid!).

How long does it take to receive the fine?

The notification can arrive in up to 360 days (consider adverse events such as mail delays, for example.)

I received the fine after the deadline established by law, what do I do?

Check if you recognize the fine, access the municipality website – everything is indicated on the fine: where to access, password, code – and make the payment. Even after the established deadline, the fine does not expire and, as we said earlier, the issuing party can go to court to make you pay. For example: you received the fine after two years; the time limit for prescribing will be three years, totaling five years, however, I reinforce, even after the expiry of the fine, you can be sued.

What if I appeal and receive no response?

If you appeal and receive no response, it means the municipality has accepted your justification and will not charge you anymore; they will write off the infraction and remove your name from the penalty system. If you appeal and receive a new notification, you have 30 days to make the payment, and this indicates that the municipality has not accepted your justification.

Good to know …

  • It is necessary to pay 43 euros to appeal to the municipality for fines under 1,100 euros; in the case of fines higher than 1,100 euros, the comune determines the amount to be paid when you appeal.
  • To request an appeal, you have 60 days from the date of receipt of the notification. You will need to attach the documents: a copy of your passport, your IDP, your driver’s license, the infraction received, the reason you are appealing and the payment of 43 euros (as explained above), which will be sent accordingly when you inform that you want to appeal.
  • The Justice of the Peace has the power to confirm the sanction, declare its nullity or modify it, but even in this case, the decision may NOT be final. In case of rejection, the claimant has the right to challenge the Judge’s order before the Court within 30 days of notification. If you do not dispute the decision, within 30 days of the notification period, it becomes final, since, under the law, you accept the terms defined.


  • You can only dispute a fine if it has not been paid, otherwise there is no possibility of that.


Another VERY common question: I received a charge from the car rental company on my credit card and the fine from the municipality; why?

Because the rental company needs to pay to inform the driver’s name at the time of the infraction to the municipality, and it charges you this fee; it is not authorized to pay the fine, it can only indicate the person responsible for it, which in this case is you. After indicating the driver and paying the amount so that the municipality issues the fine in your name and sends it to your address, the responsible for sending and collecting the fine becomes the municipality, that is: the rental company DOES NOT CHARGE AND DOES NOT PAY FINES RECEIVED.

Another thing:

if you enter a ZTL outside of the allowed hours, get a fine, then take a walk around the block and enter it again: you will get TWO fines, three, how many times you enter, even without meaning to; “Oh, but I was lost and I didn’t know!” They do not care! Even if the difference between the fines is minutes, it can happen and you will have to pay all of them, so stay tuned, ok?

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How much time do I have to pay a fine in Italy? Do you want some advice from a friend? Did you receive a fine in Italy? Pay it! Avoid unnecessary headaches, especially if you are aware of the offense you committed! And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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