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Hotel Indigo Venice in Venice

Another post written by one of our readers! This time it was our dear Claudia who shared her tips with us! Let's take a look?

Hotel Indigo Venice in Venice

Hotel Indigo Venice SantElena, an IHG Hotel in Venice

Our reader Claudia shared with us a little piece of her trip through Italy. She writes about her experience at the Best Western Premier Hotel Sant’Elena in Venice. She reports here in this post how the experience of staying at this wonderful hotel, and also shares some pictures so that we can also enjoy a little bit of this jewel. Don’t miss this post and do like her, share your experience in Italy here!  Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Review of Hotel Indigo Venice SantElena, an IHG Hotel in Venice

The hotel we stayed at is called Premier Hotel Sant’Elena. It is wonderful!!! Beautiful, clean and very comfortable. The service is fantastic!!!

1) Where is the hotel?

Is the located close to the main tourist attractions? Its location is not central, you will have to walk about 20 minutes to reach Piazza de San Marco, but the walk is worth it, as it passes through wonderful places.

2) Is breakfast included? How was it? Was the price included in the daily rate?

Breakfast is not included, it costs $9 euros.

3) How was the service?

Very good service from the staff.

4) What is the cost-benefit ratio?

The daily rate with breakfast plus tourist tax for a couple is 132 Euros. Value for money is great.

5) How was the room? (Ex.: large, small, functional, well-lighted…)

The room is not huge but it is a good size, functional and comfortable.

6) Would you stay there again?

I would go back to this hotel and I highly recommend it!

7) Rate that you would give to the hotel from 0 to 10 considering that 10 is Excellent, 0 is terrible and 5 is average.

Best Western in Venice – 10!

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Hotel Indigo Venice in Venice!  Special thanks from Your Travel to Italy to this dear ♥ reader Claudia ♥

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