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Get to know the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train

One of the most elegant trains in the world presents itself to its travelers in an imposing, elegant and unique way: we are talking about the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. Do you want to learn more? So this post is for you!

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Get to know the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train

Today we are going to take you to a world of glamor, beauty and efficiency! Today we’re going to talk about a dream train trip, but it’s not any train, we’re talking about the elegant Venice-Simplon Orient Express, a super special train that will delight you! Ready to board? So come with me and get to know the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Discover the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train in this video

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Today we will take you on a splendid ride aboard one of the most elegant trains in the world. We are talking about the Venice-Simplon Orient Express (VSOE), which is a luxury train service that runs from London to Venice as well as passing through other European cities. The train belongs to the Belmond group, responsible for 45 establishments worldwide, including hotels, restaurants, tourist trains and river cruises, distributed in 24 countries. The Belmond group is one of the most famous and highly regarded, and if there’s one thing they understand, it’s hospitality. All Belmond establishments value refinement, but also value a unique experience for their guests. Click here for FREE hotel consultation!


  • Do not confuse Venice-Simplon Orient Express with Orient Express. Despite being ‘brothers’, they are two different services. The Orient Express connected the section between Paris Gare de l’Est and Constantinople (now Istanbul). The service was discontinued in 2009, but the Belmond group already has plans for this line, of course! However, there is still no prediction for the start of new operations.

Good to know …

  • Nowadays, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express is the closest experience one can get to experiencing what a luxury train journey is really like. It offers a huge variety of trips around Europe, and once a year it offers a special trip from Paris to Istanbul, following the famous intercontinental route of the old Orient Express, a trip aboard the VSOE will leave unique memories in your heart and you will offer a unique experience. Also, get to know the Bernina Express!

1) Discover Venice-Simplon Orient Express destinations

Well, first of all it’s important to be aware that the train doesn’t travel all year round; it only operates between March and November. The more classic route runs between London – Paris – Milan Venice (via the Simplon Tunnel, hence the train’s name), and was changed in 1984 to serve Zurich, Innsbruck and Verona via the Brenner Pass. This stretch is only offered once or twice a week. Two or three times a year, the train operates between Prague or Vienna and Budapest, departing Venice and returning to Paris and London. In September, the train travels from London and Paris to Istanbul, via Budapest, Sinaia and Bucharest – in the last three cities, it also offers a sightseeing tour, and in the two capitals a night in a hotel; the return journey takes the same route and ends in Venice.

Good to know…

  • Although the routes mentioned are available most years, some seasons operate exclusive destinations such as Cologne, Rome, Florence, Lucerne, the High Tatras, Krakow, Dresden, Copenhagen and Stockholm. On this itinerary, the train departs from Berlin.

2) Discover the Venice-Simplon Orient Express accommodations

Cabins on the train are available in three different sizes: Twin cabins, Cabin Suites and Grand Suites.

The Twin Cabins

The twin cabin is a double cabin that is converted into a cozy little room during the day and a delightful room at night by the efficient housekeepers during your dinner. It is the option of many guests, as many enjoy the day exploring the train and return to the cabin only to sleep and accommodate their luggage. It is the most common cabin and although it is the smallest of all cabins, it offers good space for two people, with a large window, and a well-lit and airy space. Double cabins have a sink with hot and cold running water, but there is no private bathroom. However, there is a toilet at each end of the cars that can be used by guests.

The Cabin Suites

The cabin suite is twice the size of a double cabin and consists of two interconnected double cabins, featuring a bedroom and a small living room. I don’t even need to mention the luxury of this place, do I? Well decorated, cozy and impressively beautiful, it is a delightful cabin. It also does not have a private bathroom.

The Grand Suite Cabins

Now let’s get to the Grand Suite Cabins. They are the most luxurious, elegant and spacious cabins, not to mention the splendid decoration! There are only six of them on board, and each is named after a destination that Venice Simplon-Orient-Express visits, as well as being themed; they are: Venice Grand Suite, Paris Grand Suite, Instabul Grand Suite, Budapest Grand Suite, Prague Grand Suite and Vienna Grand Suite. The Grand Suites also benefit from having their own en-suites (private bathroom) as well as full time butler and champagne.

The Individual Cabins

The train also offers individual cabins (single cabins), and although they are not as publicized and, even with request, they end up at the speed of light. Of course, you can opt for single occupancy in any cabin, however, in a double cabin – for example, even alone you will need to pay double the amount. There are also a limited number of individual cabins available, so if you choose this cabin, book well in advance.

3) The values ​​of Venice-Simplon Orient Express

No! It is not a cheap service as you might have imagined, but it’s worth every penny. Prices depend on the route chosen and start at around 2,240 pounds, and can reach an impressive 55,000 pounds, in a Grand Suite. Amazingly, the Grand Suites are the ones that sell the fastest! If you are interested, you can make your reservation on the OFFICIAL SITE by clicking here! Remember, there are several itineraries for you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

A little history of Venice-Simplon Orient Express…

The story of this iconic train begins in 1977 with Belmond founder Sir James B Sherwood. James bought two vintage train cars at a Monte Carlo auction, when the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits withdrew from the Orient Express service, and switched service to the national railways of France, Germany and Austria. Over the next few years, Sherwood spent $16 million and purchased another 35 sleepers, a restaurant, and Pullman, and with impeccable business acumen, he understood that high-end travel would soon fall into public taste. That is what happened!

Evidently, the trains would need to undergo a complete restoration and, thus, by the skillful hands of competent artisans, the delicate and long work began so that the carriages could return to their original splendour. After years of painstaking restoration to every detail, the iconic cars in an elegant dark blue color hit the rails in 1982, ready to accompany guests on a journey filled with luxury and beauty, without a doubt, unmatched by anything we’ve seen. on a classic and splendid journey between London and Venice. The first trip took place on May 25, 1982 and was a success. Over the years, trains have also had to undergo a complete modernization of the cruise system to adapt to the safety rules required by European railway organizations. Discover the Best Consultancy on Travel to Italy here!

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Get to know the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train – For those looking for a different tour and don’t have to worry about values, traveling with the Venice Simplon Orient-Express can be an excellent option for a honeymoon, wedding celebration or other special occasion. It is, in fact, a unique, special and unforgettable trip. A real investment.

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