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Free Spa in Tuscany: Parco del Mulino

Let's talk about the famous Italian natural Spa? There are paid spas, however, there are free ones too! And today I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the free spa in Tuscany: Parco del Mulino.


Free Spa in Tuscany: Parco del Mulino

Italy is the type of country that offers attractions for all tastes – and budgets! Although the most popular attractions are the famous monuments in the big cities, Italy is home to incredible natural beauties that deserve special attention. Among these beauties, we have the incredible natural spas, perfect for those looking for relax, take care of their health and mind, of course! Today I bring you a special post about the Free Spa in Tuscany: Parco del Mulino. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Do you know what the benefits of thermal waters are?

Well, there are countless benefits for our health, and Italy has been graced with very special spas! One of them is the already famous Terme di Saturnia, located in the Tuscany region and, there, is also the fantastic Parco del Mulino, which crowns all the natural beauty of the area and, the best, with free access. Click here to discover other Spas in Italy!

That’s right! You didn’t read it wrong: for free!

I know that when we talk about thermal parks, many imagine expensive places, full of luxury, and only “for a few people”, but this is not the case, although there is also a very special luxury hotel in the same area.

Of course, there are special and private SPAs that offer treatments that even include precious metals like gold, however, if you prefer something simpler, such as a mud treatment – for example, as there are countless – this post is for you – Also read: Let’s visit the Terme di Saturnia!

Is there a difference between Terme de Saturnia and Parco del Mulino?

Yes and no! Confusing, isn’t it?! Well I’ll explain: the Terme de Saturnia is a series of hot springs with sulphurous water located in Manciano, in the province of Grosseto (GR).

The city of Saturnia, from which the name comes, is a fraction of the municipality of Manciano, which is a very old village dating back to the Bronze Age. And yes, there is the paid part of the spas, which offer amazing services for those who like to be pampered, and there is the free part!

The area where the spas are located is part of the Tuscan Maremma, and borders the Lazio region. The Maremma Tuscany extends over about a quarter of the entire territory of Tuscany. It is an area of land between the Tyrrhenian coast and Mount Amiata, about sixty kilometers from the capital, Florence and this area comprises the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto, that is, what makes Maremma unique is the diversity of its territory.

Fun Fact
Maremma means “maritime districts”, but in the Tuscan dialect it is also used to express a feeling of astonishment and, sometimes, as a curse word to avoid blasphemy: maremma!

The Parco del Mulino

The splendid Parco del Mulino is home to the Mulino Waterfall. Why Mulino? Mulino, in Italian, means mill and the waterfalls are next to an old deactivated mill.

It is these cascades that illustrate the famous photos that we see of the waters that fall full on the stones, and that we call Terme di Saturnia. These cascades are also called Gorello or Cascatelle.

What are the benefits of these waters?

With a flow of 800 liters per second, the waters have constant temperatures of around 37.5°C, in addition to being rich in chemical elements that provide well-being.

The waters have several mineral salts and sulfur, which, according to experts, are perfect and constitute one of the best thermal waters in the world and, no wonder: think that the water that gushes here takes almost 40 years to be filtered inside Monte Amiata.

What do they treat?

Miscellaneous problems. Below is a short list of some indications for treatments – remembering that the thermal waters DO NOT SUBSTITUTE ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT!

  • Dermatology: acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and ringworm.
  • Otolaryngology: pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, and strengthens the respiratory system.
  • Orthopedics: the musculoskeletal system assisting in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism and paramorphisms.
  • Digestive system: dyspepsia, and constipation.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes! Please pay attention to this topic. Guys, the waters are really powerful, so access to them is restricted / not indicated for:

  • Those who have chronic heart problems, as the waters can affect blood pressure.
  • For those who suffer from tachycardia.
  • For pregnant women – consult your doctor before going.
  • For people allergic to components present in water.
  • For those with chronic kidney problems.
Leave, take a break of at least 15 minutes, and then return.

Useful information

I’ll leave here some useful information for you to visit the park without major problems.

What is the free area?

Saturnia’s natural spas are free in some areas of the park, others belong to a private establishment. The free spa areas are works all year round, 24 hours a day. Oh: parking is also free! However… of course it gets FULL of cars, but don’t worry: at a distance of, more or less, 150 meters there is a large private parking lot, which can be a great option to leave your car without any worrying!

When to go?

In any period of the year! Obviously, during the summer, the place is much more frequented, especially on weekends. In winter, the intense flow is also concentrated on weekends, however, during the week, there are fewer people, so everything is much calmer.

Important Advice:

  • It is recommended to wear non-slip slippers to protect your feet; this is because the ground can have rock formations that can hurt your feet. Avoid going barefoot.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel for when you get out of the water. Beware of temperature shocks, especially if it’s windy.
  • Don’t take too much stuff, like big and/or heavy backpacks. If possible, just take the basics so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your things.

Information about the Parco del Mulino

To access more information about Parco del Mulino, you can access the OFFICIAL WEBSITE CLICKING HERE!

Where are the spas?

Here is the map of the place where the hot springs are free:

Source: Cascate del Mulino Website

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Free Spa in Tuscany: Parco del Mulino – Yes! It is possible to visit the Terme di Saturnia for free and, believe me, you will be surprised! Remember to pack slippers, bathing suit, a nice towel in your suitcase: and enjoy the tour!

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