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Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como!

Lake Como is home to magical cities and one of them is Lecco. Today we are going to give you tips and information about the attractions of Lecco!


Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como!

Lecco is a little known city, but once discovered, it impresses, enchants and makes us discover true gems! In Lombardy, Lecco deserves a little more attention: you won’t regret it, I guarantee it! Now let’s get to our Post of the day: How about visiting Lecco on Lake Como?  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

In the eastern part of Lake Como, in Lombardy, there is a city full of charm and very famous for being a scenario that borders those of fairy tales! To know Lecco is to enter a kind of portal where you will find calm, joy, colors and incredible beauty. Lecco is really impressive; even if it is not one of the most sought after cities, I would venture to say that Lecco is even underestimated, but once discovered: it will make you fall in love! The landscape there, which mixes between rock and water, makes its panorama full of natural beauties; in this region of Lake Como, there is the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in the city. Also read Attractions on Lake Como.

1) Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como! VISIT THE LAKE PROMENADE

The tour there begins with the Lake Promenade. It is obvious that a city with a privileged view of a lake needs a place to go for delicious walks, and in Lecco, the place is here! It’s useless to say how beautiful the landscape is, isn’t it?! It is also difficult to say when it is more impressive: whether at sunrise or sunset, the fact is that a walk here is mandatory.


A must-see is also the Belfry of the Basilica of St Nicholas. With its 96 meters high, the bell tower, built on a 16th century tower, is part of the walls of the fortified village of Lecco in the Middle Ages. The Azzone Visconti Bridge is almost 700 years old. Yes, SEVEN HUNDRED! It is the oldest and first bridge in the city and also known as Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”). It was commissioned by the Duke of Milan Azzone Visconti, who saw the need to ‘connect’ the city ‘where the lake ceases and the Adda begins again’. With the bridge there, the control of the communication route along the Adda of Milan to Valtellina with the Alps became much easier and safer, even facilitating the expansion of the city.

3) Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como! VISIT THE PALACE OF FEARS

The Palace of Fears and Observatory of the Alps, departing from the central Piazza XX Settembre, is a museum complex that encompasses local and international contemporary art. At the Observatory of the Alps in Lecco, it is possible to observe studies, images and learn a little about the history of the Lombard Alps.

4) Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como! VISIT THE SANCTUARY OF OUR LADY OF VICTORY

Another beautiful observatory is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Victory. The place has a special meaning for the city and its people: it remembers those fallen in the Great War. With a strong presence in the city, the idea was really to remind the inhabitants of Lecco their heroes on a daily basis. The Church houses several valuable works of art and the crypt of the dead soldiers. It really is a religious work of art. At Villa Manzoni is the Manzoniano Museum. Lecco is the city that serves as the setting for the book by Alessandro Manzoni, The Betrothed, and in this village the author spent much of his time, in the museum we can see works of art, period clothes used for television series and other interesting pieces. It’s very interesting.

5) Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como! VISIT THE BELGIOJOSO PALACE

The Belgiojoso Palace is a museum center that is just a few steps from the city center. A late 18th century palace that houses the Archaeological Museum, the Natural Science Museum and the Historical Museum, three great museums. Crossing Ponte Vecchio, you reach Pescarenico, which has an immense power to fascinate us. This small fishing village described in the book The Betrothed has alleys that seem to embrace us! The landscape on the other side of the Adda River will make a mark on you.

6) How about getting to know Lecco on Lago di Como? DISCOVER THE BIKE PATH

If you prefer, how about exploring the city by bike? Lecco has a charming bike path where you can easily cycle through the city. From there you can go from Lecco to Adda, then to Garlate and Olginate, and, to finish the tour, you can go to Calolzio and Vercurago. A way to do it without haste, without a predefined itinerary: the cool thing here is to RELAX, make the most of the natural beauties, the fresh air and the impressive scenery! To rent a bike in Lecco, click CLICK HERE! Also read What are the best bike routes in Italy?


Now let’s talk about UNIQUE panoramic landscapes! The first point in Lecco where you will find a breathtaking view is San Martino Cappelletta. From the mountain, which gives us the impression of “leaning” on the lake, you have a magnificent view! Another point that offers us a unique view of Lecco is Monte Barro. From here, we have a unique perspective on Lecco. The mountain has a very high level of biodiversity and the tour is done all on foot. Ideal for those who like to walk with tranquility and, as a reward, receive an unforgettable panorama.

8) Discovering Lecco, on Lake Como! DISCOVER OTHER ATTRACTIONS

If you want to move outside of Lecco, there are some great options, see my tips below.


Almost next to Como, it has a historic village with an impressive waterfall and ravine! A gift from nature!

Galbusera Bianca

Less than 30 km from Lecco, you can visit an oasis of nature, relaxation and well-being. Galbusera Bianca was an agricultural town that housed a farm and some houses, but today it is a biodynamic farm with strictly sustainable and beautiful architectures.

Sentiero del Viandonte

Here you will find 45 km of wonderful trails passing through Varenna, Bellano, Dorvio and Colico. You can take a leisurely walk and stop in the small villages that are nearby. This area is also known as Lake Lecco.

Mandello del Lario

A little provincial gem! Its pastel colored houses enchant, the gardens color the city and the moored boats give us the feeling of being in a painting. Incredible!


With the Castle of Riva Bianca serving as a backdrop, the city is perfect for taking wonderful photos and for those who want to do something different, like a picnic.


A wonderful city that requires at least a day to visit! It presents us with incredible attractions, churches, restaurants and a path ‘supported’ in the waters that enchants!

Important informations

The ZTL in Lecco – Limited Traffic Zones are spread all over Italy and, of course, it would be no exception in Lecco. Some hotels, however, are located exactly in these areas. How to enter? Find out if the hotel is in any ZTL, if so, when you make the reservation, inform the hotel of the license plate of the car, they will provide you with the “disk” that should be on the dashboard of the car and indicate the length of stay in the parking space. Also check out our section on Driving in Italy!

Location of ZTLs

In Lecco, there are nine ZTL. Below is a list of where they are.

  • ZONE A : Via Cattaneo dal civ. 1 to civ.57/a – dal civ. 2 civ. 46, Via Roma dal civ.81 al civ. 113 – dal civ. 60 civil 86.
  • ZONE B : via Roma dal civ. 1 civ. 79 – dal civ. 2 civ. 58. Piazza Garibaldi – vicolo S. Giacomo, via Sauro dal civ. 19 to civil. 21.
  • ZONE C: via Cairoli, Via Cavour, Vicolo San Giacomo.
  • ZONE C3: via Mascari dal civ. 32 to civ.86 – dal civ. 37 civil 81. Piazza Santa Marta, vicolo Anghileri, via Del Pozzo.
  • ZONE D: via Volta dal civ. 1 civ. 3. Piazza Diaz dal civico 2 al civico 13, via Cavour civ. 100.
  • ZONE E1: via Bovara – via Cima.
  • ZONE E2: via Mascari dal civ.4 to civ.28 – dal civ. 3 civ. 35.
  • ZONE F: Vicolo Della Torre.
  • PEDONALE ZONE (Pedestrian Area): piazze XX Settembre and Cermenati vicoli Granai, Airoldi and Del Torchio.

Cameras Around the ZTLs

Furthermore, there are nine cameras around the ZTLs that control the entry and exit of vehicles in these areas. They are located on the streets listed below:

  • Via Carlo Cattaneo;
  • Via Cavour;
  • Via Cairoli;
  • Via Nazario Sauro;
  • Largo Montenero;
  • Via San Nicolò;
  • Via Balicco;
  • Piazza Cermentati;
  • Piazza Lega Lombarda.

Golden tip

Nowadays, several applications that inform you about ZTLs. In your mobile app store, you can search for ZTL. The list features numerous applications, including by city. Do I need this app? Is good to have! They are light and work well, so you can rest easy, because, respecting the ZTL, the chance of you getting a fine is very low! Also read What are the best apps for traveling to Italy?

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How about getting to know Lecco, on Lake Como? Lecco, although not very popular, will be a pleasant surprise on your trip to Lombardy!

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