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Let’s discover Basilicata?

Basilicata and the "Sassi"...

Ana Patricia in Matera

Let’s discover Basilicata?

Region of southern Italy, part of ancient Lucania, between Campania, Puglia and Calabria. The territory of 9,992 square kilometers and with 609,190 inhabitants; it has only two provinces: Matera and Potenza, with 32 municipalities. Let’s get to our post of the day: Let’s discover Basilicata? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Ana Patricia em Matera
Ana Patricia in Matera

Basilicata’s Tourist Offer

The tourist offer is varied: an archaeological heritage linked to the Centers of Magna Graecia (Heraclea, Metapontum) the historic one (Sassi di Matera), proposals for seaside tourism and important cultural centers such as Metaponto, Matera and Melfi. We cannot forget to mention the castle of Melfi with its interesting historical itinerary of the system of fortifications to defend the territory in medieval times.


Matera and its Sassi

A credit note goes to Matera and its Sassi (click here to learn more about Matera), which, in 1993, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Matera constitutes an entire city carved out of limestone rocks and is among the oldest in the world, contains evidence of human occupation from the Paleolithic to the present day. It represents an extraordinary book written by man through millennia of history. This ancient city has been transformed into Mel Gibson’s cinematic masterpiece, “The Passion of the Christ”. Check it out here 2-hour guided tour of Sassi di Matera! and Matera: Guided walking tour.

Matera, Basilicata
Matera, Basilicata

A unique place in the world that will leave you speechless! Just as it left me! See the photo below!

Ana Patricia in Matera

Main tourist cities in Basilicata

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Let’s discover Basilicata? That’s it, I hope things have become clearer regarding these Italian controversies!

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