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Casole d’Elsa: a gem in the heart of Tuscany

In the heart of Tuscany we find a very special little town, in the province of Siena. Today I take you to Casole d'Elsa.


Casole d’Elsa: a gem in the heart of Tuscany

Casole d’Elsa, in the province of Siena, is a small town in the heart of Tuscany and, despite being small, it is immense in history, culture and attractions to visit! Let’s head to the post of the day: Casole d’Elsa: a gem in the heart of Tuscany. And what are the 10 must-see castles in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event by the Associazione Italiana Travel Blogger and the meeting took place in the charming little town of Casole d’Elsa, in the province of Siena, Tuscany.

It was a city I didn’t know, but it was love at first sight! Despite being discreet, the city presents itself in a very cozy way, seeming to hug us as soon as we set foot there! Casole has only 3,890 inhabitants, it’s not a big city, but it has a very special charm, and that’s why I made a point of talking about Casole, because it’s a place little known by tourists, but it has so much to offer us, both from the point of view of tourist and naturalistic point of view.

My Experience in Casole d’Elsa

I was able to visit the city quickly, but it was a very fruitful tour. I was able to visit the museum and, I can honestly say: it’s worth a visit! It is a very well structured museum and the pieces housed there are of great cultural historical interest. Best of all, the visit is guided, which gives us another insight into the history of this very special little town. The museum intertwines the archaeological heritage with the historic-artistic and is impressively beautiful!

Plus, in Casole you can visit agriturismo companies that offer excellent options for wine and cheese tastings.

Surrounded by nature, the city also offers us the chance to connect with the fresh air and the green present there in a very special way! You can rent a bike and take a delightful ride through the hills, making strategic stops to admire all the beauty of this place.

Discover the Attractions in Casole d’Elsa

Casole d’Elsa is an ancient Etruscan village located on the back of a hill that offers the visitor a magnificent panoramic view of the Siena countryside. Between the 11th and 12th centuries it was the fief of the Bishops of Volterra, and in 1260 it passed to the Sieneses. With a strategic position, it erected several fortifications and, from them, we can still see two towers still present there.

The walls

The main attraction of the city is, without a doubt, its walls. You can see it in all its splendor and it is made up of two towers built at the end of the 15th century. Another beautiful view is from Rocca, a 14th century fortress that today is the seat of the City Hall.

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Another must-see attraction is the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the 12th century in Romanesque-Gothic style. The Collegiate stands out from all the other buildings in the historic center and, therefore, it is not difficult to identify it. Inside it you can see several works of art such as the beautiful Cenotaph by Beltramo Aringhieri.

Collegiate Archaeological Museum

Next to it is Canonica, which also houses the Archaeological Museum of the Collegiata, where you can follow a kind of timeline and understand the entire history of Casole, from the Etruscan period to the city’s current moments.

Dreamwood Natural Sculpture Park!

A must-see in Casole is also the Dreamwood Natural Sculpture Park. The place is beautiful and offers us numerous works of art. Located 600 m above sea level, about 40 years ago the German sculptor Deva Manfredo built a fantasy world made of stone and materials found in the woods.

A little more about the Park…

The site has become a veritable labyrinth of Environmental Art, and spans nearly 10 hectares. There you can see approximately 250 works, including anthropomorphic figures, temples and miniature cities of ancient civilizations, as well as grandiose mandalas made with colored stones; It is also possible to observe sets of stones with strange shapes of trees, stones scattered on the ground, which form carpets of colors that enchant.

The forest invites you to stop and look around, take a deep breath and be grateful for the opportunity to be in a place like this. The visit is also guided and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Gold Tips

  • Don’t miss a tasting in Scogiano. It’s all PERFECT!
  • For wine lovers, I suggest a very special place! Head to the Luminosità Winery, which is owned by a Brazilian and is a fantastic place indeed! We have a full post about this fantastic placeCLICK HERE!

Where to stay in Casole d’Elsa? At the Hotel Terre di Casole, in Tuscany!

As a guest for the event, I was very well received by the Tourism Advisor of Casole, Daniele – whom I want to thank immensely for her hospitality. We stayed (very well accommodated) in a delightful hotel, immersed in nature, and very well located, the Hotel Terre di Casole. There you will find a delightful hotel, with impeccable services, and a lots of charm!

A little more about the Hotel Terre di Casole

The hotel has existed for over 40 years and, before being a hotel, it was a country house for a family, which brought together friends and family, in other words: it seems, to this day, that we are at home! In addition to its magical location, the hotel offers many facilities and wonderful views, especially during sunset. It really is breathtaking! It’s perfect for all audiences and it’s a beauty that makes us fall in love with it!

To learn more about the Hotel Terre di Casole, I invite you ro read this post: Accommodation experience in Casole d’Elsa: beauty and comfort in one place!

To book the Hotel Terre di Casole,

Good to know…

  • If you are interested in doing any activity in the city, talk to me! It will be a pleasure to help you spend incredible moments in this place full of magic and beauty!
  • In Casole you can take cooking classes, trekking, bike rides, visit the apiary, picnics, tastings and much more!

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Casole d’Elsa: a gem in the heart of Tuscany – Casole is a very special city! If you like experiential tourism, if you prefer a more authentic tourism, away from the big centers, or if you are just looking for different, new experiences, and want peace and tranquility: this is your destination, you can be sure!

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