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Cash or credit card: what to use in Italy?

One of the questions I receive the most from my readers is which payment method to use in Italy and, therefore, today I bring you a post clarifying doubts, giving suggestions, and an extra bonus!


Cash or card: what to use in Italy?

Traveling always brings a lot of happiness, culture, novelty and excitement to those who embark, but it also raises many questions and one of the most common is cash or card: what to use in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

First of all, it’s good to know that, in addition to the card and cash, there are other options to pay your expenses in Italy: you can use traveler’s checks, international digital account, debit card and many others, including bank transfer apps, however , it is good to be aware that each of them offers a different rate from the other and, in order not to have any unpleasant surprises, I suggest that you organize yourself in advance regarding the means of payment that you will use.

It is good to know a few things about prices for entering and leaving the country BEFORE your trip:

Is there a limit to the amount I can bring to Italy? 

Yes! You have to declare your amount if you’re planning to enter or leave the country with more than €10,000.

Is there a minimum amount of money I must bring?

Countries usually have the right, by law, to be able to demand proof that you are financially able to support yourself there during your stay, that is, they may, yes, ask for proof that you have money enough to transit through the country visited during the period informed to them at the time of immigration. Generally, the price is around 120 euros per day (per person), but it varies from country to country.

“Oh Ana Patrícia, but if I’m going to stay in Italy for more days, I can’t take more money because otherwise they’ll make me pay taxes!” – exactly, and that is why one of the best ways to “prove” to customs agents that you can keep yourself financially in the country is the blessed international credit card.

Golden tip
It is good to remember that in large urban centers, many establishments accept credit cards, however, in some more remote or smaller places, there are places that only accept cash, that is: be prepared! Use and abuse the coins you receive in change! They love!

1) Is it safe to carry cash in Italy?

Yes, but no! Calm down, I’ll explain! Carrying cash in Italy is necessary, as I said, not all places accept credit cards, especially in more remote cities, however, carrying a large amount of cash, of course – like anywhere else in the world world – is dangerous, and unnecessary! Also read: How does Tax Free work in Italy?

And where can you leave your money?

In the hotel safe. Some hotels, in addition to providing a safe in the room, also provide a safe at the reception (some charge for the service, others do not), so the tip is never to leave with all your money, leave part of it at the hotel.

2) What about a credit card: is it worth using?

If you’re coming from a European country that does not use Euro, check with your bank the international fees they could charge you; the same is valid to those coming from another countries.

3) Digital multi-currency account: Wise

One of the simplest ways to transfer money without worrying is to use a multi-currency digital account! Don’t know what it is? I explain! A digital multicurrency account is an account that works the same way as a physical account, but allows you to move money in different foreign currencies.

Wise is an excellent option, as it offers you several advantages such as: it is free, it allows you to send and receive money in the country and abroad, it offers you the advantage of financial transactions abroad, and it even gives you an international credit card.

Detail: they operate with commercial currencies, that is, more affordable than tourism currency!

Want a virtual card?

Wise has too! The Wise card is an international debit card and works in over 200 countries, serving 55 different currencies. In addition to paying for your purchases, the card also allows you to withdraw money abroad for free.

Card fees can be up to seven times, yes, SEVEN TIMES cheaper than those of a conventional international card and THERE IS NO ANNUAL FEES!

The Wise card’s differential is that it does not require the customer to have a balance in the currency of the transaction to complete the transaction, for example: if you spend money in euros and your account is in dollars, the amount will be converted automatically and free of charge, adding only the exchange rate.

And is Wise safe?

Very! Wise is authorized and also works as a financial institution. The company has been operating in the market since 2011 and has more than nine million customers in 71 countries.


If you want to open your account NOW and receive a free transfer of up to 500 euros as a gift, click here on this link: wise.com/invite/u/anas3785

And remember to let me know what you think of Wise!

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Cash or card: what to use in Italy? Always have cash with you, but don’t leave your credit card at home! In doubt? Come to the future: meet Wise!

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