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Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany!

Bolgheri became famous for its splendid Sassicaia wine and today we are going to know a little more about this charming village and its famous wine. Are you ready to explore Bolgheri? Let's go!

Bolgheri in Tuscany (Source: Pixabay)

Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany!

Bolgheri is a central Italian village of Castagneto Carducci, a city in the province of Livorno, in the region of Tuscany . It is a discreet, charming city, and its great star is not a church or its momuments. The city’s great star is the famous Sassicaia one of the most celebrated wines in the world was born in Bolgheri, and today we will get to know it in this post Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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In the countryside of the Tuscan coast, at less than 10 km from the sea, we find the small and precious Bolgheri village. With its 400 inhabitants, the city is not in the tourist circuit, but it is famous among the wine enthusiasts; discreet, it is a lovely city! Learn more about Tuscan enogastronomy by clicking here!

1) Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany! GET TO KNOW VIALE DEI CIPRESSI

First, get to Bolgheri through the magical little road Viale dei Cipressi , a narrow avenue lined with high, secular cypress trees, with almost 5km in length, which, from Via Aurelia, will leave you right in front of the village.

This path is celebrated by one of the main Italian poets in the 19th century: Giosuè Carducci. In his verses, he writes: “The tall straight cypresses in double row troop from San Guido down to Bolgheri; like giant striplings at a race they go, bounding to meet and gaze once more on me.” Also see: Bolgheri: Classic Winery Tour with Wine Tasting

2) Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany! VISIT THE CASTLE AND THE TOWER

The city does not offer many sights; however, when you get closer to the village , you will start to see the charming castle made with red bricks. It is among the trees and is so beautiful that seems to have just come out of a fairy-tale book.

You can get to the city center walking, after leaving the car in a small (paid) parking lot, on your right. A few steps from there, you find the tower and the village gateway. Over the door, you will note Della Gherardesca coat of arms, an ancient, noble family who owned the castle in 1200.

Bolgheri has, in its center, some stone and brick characterisc houses, small shops full of food with products of vitiviniculture, restaurants and wine bars.The visit to the village is interesting, the big picture enchants and is the kind of city to visit calmly, as it offers an unparalleled tranquility.

3) Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany! VISIT THE WINERIES

Obviously, that the town stars are the wineries and the appreciated Sassicaia. To start talking about the wine and the winery that brought it to the world, we could not fail to start with the most traditional, famous and visited winery in Bolgheri: Tenuta San Guido. Sassicaia was born here!

About Tenuta San Guido Winery

Everything started at Teuta San Guido and the wine came out by the hands of the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rochetta . Since he was 20 years old, the Marquis wanted to produce a wine with strong personality, something like Bordeaux wines. Its relationship with the Antinori family made him meet the enologist Giacomo Tachis, who was his mentor in this mission, and with whom he started the production of the first Bordeaux red mixture in Bolghery history.

After lots of study and research, in 1944, they made the decision of sewing the Cabernet Savignon and Cabernet Franc seedlings. The biigest challenge, however, was the soil; unlike the French soil, Bolgheri’s rocky soil could reject the seedlings, but, for everyone’s surprise (and relief), it worked! The word Sassicaia could be translated as “rocky land”, once it derives from ‘sassi‘, which means “little rocks” in Italian.

The first vineyards

The first vineyards were sewed in 1944 ; then, between 1947 and 1967, wine was made only for familial consumption. However, the wine was so impeccable that the owner, after being convinced by everyone, decided to commercialize the blessed liquid; thus, in 1968, the first harvest of Sassicaia came to public. It did not take long to be an appreciated wine, because it is different from all those produced in Italy until then. Understand about the types of Italian wines clicking here! 

Wine with DOC Denomination

With the wine launched and its sudden fame, the critic Gino Veronelli checked the drink. He fell in love! The wine was initially classified as Vino da Tavola; it did not take long to become IGT and, due to its high level of quality, it became a myth of Italian vines; in 2013, the 75 hectares from which the grapes used for this wine come from originated its DOC denomination.

If you have heard the term Supertoscano, know that the father of all of them is Sassicaia. The wine is relatively new, it is only 51 years old, and was born out of a project, not a tradition, but it leaves nothing to be desired for the historic Italian wines that accompany it in the best wine lists in the world.

The Sassicaia is made with 85% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 15% Cabernet Franc grapes, always carefully harvested by hand before reaching full maturity. In this way they manage to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics, delicacy and elegance of Sassicaia.

Sassicaia Winemaking Process

The winemaking process takes place at a controlled temperature between 30 ° C to 31 ° C for a period of two weeks, after which the wine ages for about 24 months in French oak barrels and, finally, refines in the dark glass bottle, before being placed on the market.

It has an intense ruby ​​red color, rich, elegant and majestic perfume, has an intense, voluminous, balanced flavor and its structure is exquisite. It is perfect to pair with game meat dishes, some aged cheeses, walnuts and Porcini fungi. Sassicaia is not one of the cheapest wines in the world, by the way, it is on the list of some of the most expensive! In Italy, a bottle can start at 300 Euros.

All Bolgheri Wineries

On this website (click here), you will find ALL the wineries in the vicinity of Bolgheri that are part of the wine circuit and that offer guided tours and tastings. Also know where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan!

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Bolgheri and the famous Sassicaia wine from Tuscany. Bolgheri will transport you to another time: a calm, charming and flavorful time.

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