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Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy?

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Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy?

How many times, unintentionally and without realizing it, have you abused your credit card? How many times have you fainted when you picked up the invoice? Hahaha… That’s that… Knowing that you can have a card with a predetermined value and not have any surprises when the bill arrives is possible and, for those who travel, it is an excellent option. Let’s go to our Post of the Day: best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? Stay with us and make the best of boot country! Here at the Travelling to Italy we make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also get to know our Section Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacation!

Our Introduction

Knowing exactly how much we are going to spend during a trip is a dream, and this dream is already possible. Prepaid cards have gained a monstrous force in recent years and all because the idea of putting X amount on the card and knowing how much you are going to spend before the trip, attracts in a very seductive way. The idea is nothing more, nothing less, than the economy! You add an amount to the card and you know you won’t spend more than that! If you want, you can top up the card at any time, but you still have full control of what you can spend. Check out our post Travel Consulting for Italy!

But what is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a card where you put credits to be able to use later, unlike a credit card, which you use and then pay for, like a prepaid mobile phone where you include credits. Always remember: it is necessary to make money available for the card to work properly, of course. When traveling, check with your card issuer to see what the fees are for international use.

Important to know

  • If you are going to use the card during your trip, make sure that the card is INTERNATIONAL. If you’re going to make a prepaid card just for travel, talk to your manager about fees, locations where the card is accepted, countries where it’s valid, etc. Prepaid cards can be used for purchases, payments in general, and withdrawals outside the country. Currently, some banks do all this with the card on the cell phone screen, but not all places already offer this technology for payments abroad, so apply for a physical card! Even to be able to make withdrawals if necessary.

Are you running out of credits?

You can top up your card at any time! Today, the services are much easier, simpler, and faster, as there are specific applications for each card and you can also top up over the internet. If you’re still in doubt, we’ll give you some advantages to applying for a prepaid card for your trip:

  • You don’t have to walk around with a large amount of money in your pocket, so it’s much safer!
  • As we said, you can top up the card as many times as necessary, even over the internet or via the app (when available).
  • The exchange rate is charged according to the currency exchange rate on the day of loading, meaning you won’t have to worry about currency variation during your trip.


Useful Information

  • Among the most trusted and accepted brands in practically all of the world are: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Elo.
  • ATM fees may be charged at the time of withdrawal abroad and, even though it is prepaid, you pay the IOF fee (6.38%) each use.

It is important to remember that (some) prepaid cards also have fees, the most common are:

  • Membership fee – when you apply for the card.
  • Monthly fee (when there is a balance on the card);
  • Withdrawal fee;
  • Refill;
  • Issuance of a 2nd copy of the card.

But, after all: what is the best prepaid card available today?

NOTE: We do not receive any bonuses from any of the companies mentioned below. The choice of the best cards was made according to research and feedback on the subject. The order below doesn’t go from best to “least best”: they’re all rated as great, and reliable, options.

1) Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? REVOLUT 

Revolut: Revolut is a popular choice for travelers due to its multi-currency support, low exchange rates, and ease of use. You can create multiple single-use cards to be safe while traveling, block the ones you do not use, and track all your money transfers. You can also load your card with multiple currencies, including Euros, and use it wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

2) Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? WISE

TransferWise (now Wise) Borderless Card: Wise offers a borderless account with a debit card that allows you to hold and spend money in multiple currencies, including Euros. You can also get real exchange rates with low fees.

3) Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? N26

N26: N26 is a German-based mobile bank that offers a Mastercard debit card. It’s easy to use, has no foreign transaction fees, and is widely accepted in Italy.


  • Check with your bank to see if they offer prepaid cards, but make sure it’s international and keep an eye on the fees.

4) Best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? MONZO

Monzo: Monzo is a UK-based digital bank that provides a prepaid Mastercard debit card. It’s known for its user-friendly app, transparency on fees, and no foreign transaction fees.



Is it worth it?

It’s worth a lot! For all the advantages already mentioned, especially with the value of the Euro on the rise! Remember to unlock the card, O.K.?!If in doubt, always have the call center number written down, including the international center. In case of theft or robbery, remember to immediately block the card! How to save on Accomodation in Italy?

Important Tip

  • Bring with you another international credit card, but one that is not prepaid(or take two prepaid, anyway: be prepared for any emergency!). If something happens to your prepaid card, you don’t have to wait for a new one to be made; not to mention that you may only receive it when you return to Brazil. Read also: How to Plan a Trip to Italy?

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What are the best prepaid cards to travel to Italy? Knowing how much we’re going to spend before we even travel is a blessing. The only surprise you’ll have will be seeing that beautiful product in the window and finding out that it’s on offer!

Do you feel unsafe traveling?

If you still feel insecure or don’t have time, and need help organizing your trip, Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip easier;)

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