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Thermal waters in Tuscany: Bagno Vignoni

In the province of Siena we find this delightful town called Bagno Vignoni. Famous for its thermal waters, the place has much more to offer. Let's visit Bagno Vignoni!

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Thermal waters in Tuscany: Bagno Vignoni

Tuscany is one of the most visited Italian regions by tourists. With incredible attractions and magical cities, the region is home to cities that are indeed very special. One of them is located in the province of Siena and is amazing. Today I take you to Thermal waters in Tuscany: Bagno Vignoni. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams! Also see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Our destination today is in Tuscany, more precisely in the province of Siena: Bagno Vignoni. Bagno Vignoni is the kind of place that attracts tourists from all over the world for a very specific reason: its splendid thermal waters, but the city offers a little more to its visitors and presents itself in an unpretentious but charming way. Let’s know better the great Bagno Vignoni.

A little about Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is a small town in the municipality of San Quirico d’Orcia. It is a very popular location for tourists from all over the world. Bagno Vignoni is famous for its thermal waters, which are considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

In Bagno Vignoni we are in the heart of the Val d’Orcia. Among hills, vineyards and typical Tuscan landscapes, we find this town with just 30 inhabitants, yes: only 30 people live there! Its thermal waters were even used by the ancient Romans and, over the centuries, were used to supply the city. The small town we see today dates back to 1500, and was constantly chosen as a holiday destination by many important names such as poets, artists and nobles.

The Roman baths

To the south of the city we find the famous Roman baths. The thermal waters have been used since the 11th century for the treatment of various diseases, and it is in this area where the “magic waters” are located, which are not excessively hot and have spectacular properties. Here it is also possible to observe the old ‘pools’ used in Roman times and the entire natural course of the waters.

Etruscans and Romans have always loved thermal waters, not only for reasons of hygiene, but mainly because of their beneficial properties, which have been known for centuries. It is worth remembering that Bagno Vignoni is located just a few minutes from Via Francigena, which is one of the most important roads traveled by pilgrims on their way to Rome and the Holy Land. Since the 9th century, both Bagno Vignoni and Bagni San Filippo, which lies a little further south at the foot of Monte Amiata, are mentioned in ancient travel documents recorded by abbots.

To better understand the power of the thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni

The waters here run at a temperature of around 52°C and are the hottest in all of Tuscany. The waters are alkaline, which means they are considered “hyper-thermal”, as they are very rich in sulfate, bicarbonate and various minerals, so they are especially indicated for the treatment of skin problems and for some diseases of the skeletal system, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. The Bagno Vignini thermal waters are very suitable, especially for women, as the waters here help to drain the body, relieve muscle pain, cramps and headaches caused by hormonal changes due to the menstrual period.

Park of the Mills – free to access

Not far from there we find the beautiful Park of the Mills (Parco dei Mulini), which is a protected natural area and was created in 1997. The mills, although abandoned in the 1950s, are still there, but the main attraction is the thermal waters. In fact, the park is an excellent place to make the most of the region’s thermal waters.

The open-air thermal waters are free to access and are close to the historic center; to get there, just follow the small canals to the left of the main square and then the path that leads to the hill. It is important to mention that the further below the spring, the warmer the waters are. Although we have the advantage of having free thermal waters, the place doesn’t have changing rooms or bathrooms, so get organized in advance, ok?!

Posta Marcucci Swimming Pool (Val di Sole) – paid

If you insist on having a more complete structure to be able to enjoy it with more tranquility, I suggest you use the paid thermal waters. You can opt for the modern Albergo Posta Marcucci, located in the town of Bagno Vignoni and in a strategic panoramic position. For more information, you can access the website by clicking here.

Le Terme Wellness Centre

Another private spot, but worth the investment, is the Le Terme Wellness Centre, right next to the medieval swimming pool. The place is open every day from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm and admission can reach 38 euros. Reservation is mandatory and the maximum time you can stay there is 6 hours. To make your reservation, visit the service’s official website.


  • Bagno Vignoni’s main thermal facility is Santa Caterina, which is also the oldest establishment. This facility is next to the main square and is the most suitable for those looking for “specific treatment” for problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis and other ailments. Here you can take a mud bath and inhale mineral vapors, which can also help people with respiratory problems.

The historic center

Now let’s visit the historic center of Bagno Vignoni. As we said earlier, the old town offers us more than thermal waters. The city is charming and deserves a walk through its streets.

Now we head to the central square of Bagno Vignoni, Piazza delle Sorgenti, which is almost entirely dominated by an immense medieval “pool”, from where the water gushes with its vapors, giving to the town a fairy tale atmosphere. The pool is 49 meters long and 29 meters wide. This is a Renaissance square and it was built on top of the original water source: this is where the Romans took their baths, but today bathing is prohibited here. The square is surrounded by beautiful Renaissance buildings, in addition to the charming Loggia de Santa Caterina of Siena, which offers a beautiful view of the pool. The buildings there are really elegant.

Good to know…

  • To get to Bagno Vignoni, you need a car. There is a bus that leaves from San Quirico d’Orcia, but I leave registered the information that it is not punctual and can take up to two hours to reach the city from Siena, that is, you may organize your tour, but maybe won’t be able to reach your destination. If you don’t want to rent a car, you can hire a driver to take you there.
  • By car, to reach Bagno Vignoni from Siena, take Via Cassia SR2 heading south. After passing through San Quirico d’Orcia (make a strategic stop!) continue on the same road as, on the right, you will soon find the exit for Bagno Vignoni.

Our itinerary in Bagno Vignoni

Are you going to stay in Bagno Vignoni?

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Where to stay in Bagno Vignoni?

Confira duas ótimas opções para aproveitar o máximo de Bagno Vignoni!

1st Option: La Locanda del Loggiato

La Locanda del Loggiato is housed in a charming 14th century building, perfect for getting a feel for the city!

  • Rating: 9.0 (Fantastic!)
  • Location: The hotel is 15 km from Termas Montepulciano
  • Address: Piazza Del Moretto 30, 53027 Bagno Vignoni, Italy

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2nd Option: Albergo Le Terme

This 3-star hotel is perfect for relaxing, as it has a wellness center and an ideal location for travellers. Still, it is possible to have a view of the old thermal pool of Bagno Vignoni.

  • Rating: 8.5 (Very good!)
  • Location: The hotel is 15 km from Termas Montepulciano
  • Address: Piazza Delle Sorgenti 13, 53027 Bagno Vignoni, Italy

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Thermal waters in Tuscany: Bagno Vignoni is the kind of place that will delight your senses. It is a small town, but the atmosphere of calm and tranquility that it presents us, even in the inhabited center, is something spectacular.

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