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Backpacking Europe: Eurail Pass!

Backpacking Europe: Eurail Pass! Discover thousands of destinations in Europe using just 1 rail pass! Discover the Eurail Pass!


Backpacking Europe: Eurail Pass!

One of the types of travel that is gaining more space among tourists is the famous backpacking. It is possible to make an incredible and comfortable trip on a budget! Can you imagine getting to know Europe like Europeans do? If you’re the type who likes to go out and about free, light and loose, then you can’t miss Backpacking Europe: Eurail Pass! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

The Eurail pass is your key to seeing most of Europe at your own pace. This trip is especially for young people” who want to travel in backpacking style, but at the same time like the comfort of having a place to sleep and a special assistance in their own language. If you need assistance in Italy in Portuguese or English, click here for a free quote! Also read What are the best hostels in Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence.

Find out more about the Eurail Pass

The Eurail pass allows you to travel on European trains through popular countries including France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Visit all of Europe’s wonderful cities and see them all at your own pace. With a single Eurail rail pass, you can travel to up to 24 countries, disembarking along the way to discover Europe’s most fascinating monuments, museums and stunning scenery. Traveling with a Eurail Pass is a great way to enjoy more European travel for less. Wherever you want to go in Europe, the Eurail pass has a range of travel offers to help you save even more. Check out the savings you can make by buying discounts on train tickets and extra travel deals.

Are you ready to choose the Eurail pass for your European adventure? Click Here and learn more about the Eurail Pass.

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Backpacking Europe: Eurail Pass! An economical and practical way to travel around Europe!

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