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Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast!

Do you want to get to know a different Amalfi Coast? Today we are going to list some alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast. A post made with great affection for those who like to explore the best and each different corner of an Italian city!

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Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast?

The classic Amalfi Coast enchants, but some alternative tours will surprise you! The cities on the Amalfi Coast are well-structured for tourists, offering many options for cities, attractions and all are wonderful! Shall we visit the alternative Amalfi Coast and do something different from all the other classic sights?

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Our Introduction

How not to love the Amalfi Coast? The Amalfi Coast has 40 kilometers of beautiful beaches, great food, monuments, excellent wines and incredible people! It is not difficult to fall in love with the cities of this small piece of land in Campania, but most people only know the classic Amalfi Coast, the tourist area itself. In today’s post, we will introduce you to an alternative Amalfi Coast, which few know, but which everyone learns to love in a completely different way. Are you ready for new experiences along the Amalfi Coast? I know, come on!

1) Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast! BOAT RIDE

Live the Amalfi Coast like the locals! The golden tip for those who want to get to know the authentic Amalfi Coast is: don’t have any reservations! Give yourself body and soul! One of the best ways is to choose the appropriate transport and the most famous and most used by the locals is gozzo, a typical boat that turns through the (beautiful) sea between the cities. One of the most beautiful tours is undoubtedly taking the boat in Amalfi and going to Positano via the sea, without stopping. Boat Tour – Naples: Positano and Amalfi Small Group Cruise

With Capri that seems to be watching you on the horizon, you pass the beach of Conca dei Marini, which became famous in the 60s for being the beach chosen for the meeting between Jackie Kennedy and lawyer Agnelli. You will also see Furore, which has only 800 inhabitants. Although tiny, Furore has the only Italian fjord. It is also there that the vineyard where Bianco Fiorduva was born is located. In this stretch is also where the famous Sophia Loren’s villa is located, the magnificent Villa Chandon. Another icon of the region is the Santa Rosa Hotel , an old convent where in 1700 the Neapolitan sfogliatella was born almost by chance, but all of this needs to be seen from the sea: it is a unique, unforgettable and passionate panorama.

2) Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast? AMALFI AT NIGHT

Discovering the real Amalfi at night … Leaving the cemetery! My God! How bizarre! Calm down… I’ll explain! Hahaha… The inhabitants of Amalfi have a saying: “the day you die is a day like any other”, however, the rest must be in a special place: the city’s cemetery has a panoramic view and, at night, it’s a SHOW! The good thing about visiting this very unusual place, and at night, is that it is not an ordinary tour, so few know about this detail of Amalfi and, therefore, it is a (very) alternative tour! Also read Romantic Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast?

Because it is a high spot, far from the turmoil of the city, especially on summer nights, it offers us calm and tranquility, in addition to the aforementioned, incredible view! It borders Atrani and you will not regret it! Start the tour at Santo Spirito Square, where the Fountain of the Donkey (named after the animals because they used to stop here to drink water on their long trips to transport goods) is located, and continue through the narrow alleys. As you progress, you will notice that the small districts have the names of saints and, a strategic stop for a special thanks in each one, is not a bad idea! ; )

3) Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast? THE SMALL ATRANI

Now, a gastronomic tour. Eat the sarchiapone in the second smallest city in Italy! After Fiera di Primiero (TN), the smallest city in Italy is Atrani! Because it is very small, the city managed to keep its oldest traditions alive; it is, until today, an intact fishing village, but that knows how to receive its visitors very well! One of the highlights here are the churches: one is more beautiful than the other, but, as we are talking about gastronomy, the famous sarchiapone dish is a must here: it consists of a zucchini filled with cheese, minced meat seasoned with herbs, fried and then sauté in tomato sauce! IT IS WONDERFUL! One of the best addresses to taste this delight is to visit the Ristorante Savò, by Gerardo Savò who is also known for his fish-based specialties, always very fresh!Read our Section on Food in Italy!

4) Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast! PATH OF AGEROLA

Listen to music! How how? Well, the view from the top of the cities is incredible! Everyone already knows that, right? But the so-called Path of Agerola (a village on the coastal hills) that goes to Nocelle (fraction of Positano) has much more than magnificent views! Here, between long walks (in the summer) you will find real musical surprises! During the Sons of the Gods days, there are several concerts, classic and contemporary, organized by the association of the Municipality of Praiano. They last between 30 and 40 minutes and each time at a different point. There are notices scattered throughout the cities informing dates and times, but you can ask for information at the hotel.

5) Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast! GARDENS OF RAVELLO

A beautiful option is also a beautiful walk through the gardens! The gardens of Ravello are the most beautiful on the Amalfi Coast and all thanks to the English. The story goes that after the ancient Romans and the nobility fled Amalfi, after the defeat at the hands of Pisa, the English came to the “Grand Tour” and brought with them their great passion for gardening and, in particular, roses.

We owe to Ernest William Beckett the splendor of Villa Cimbrone and it is thanks to him that the peasants of Ravello, to revive the immense park that was in decline, became very skilled gardeners. There are also magical beauties at Villa Rufolo, at the city viewpoint and in several private gardens, such as the Belmond Hotel, which left intact the original layout of the flowered avenue where the nobles arrived from England. A good thing? Ravello is one of the least busy cities on the Amalfi Coast!

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Alternative tours on the Amalfi Coast! The Amalfi Coast is splendid! Every corner, every corner, every city has something that will mark us forever! Don’t be afraid to walk aimlessly, to get lost in the narrow streets and, if possible, take a whole day to do nothing! You just need to sit in some corner that catches your eye and watch the back-and-forth movement of the waves of the sea and the people that fill these cities with life, joy and perfection!

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