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5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany

Chianti is one of the most famous wine producing areas in all of Italy. In addition to wines, the area offers cinematographic panoramas, and castles: lots of castles! The coolest part of it? You can sleep in some of them! Today I bring you a brief list of five of them! Let's know them better!


5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany

Tuscany is a magnificent region! Full of history and suggestive landscapes, the region is full of charm and beauty! Famous for its magnificent cities, Tuscany is home to the Chianti area, and that’s where we’ll go today to discover 5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany. Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Today we head to Tuscany! Tuscany is one of Italy’s most famous regions, and is a major wine producer; home to incredible cities like Florence, Siena, Lucca, and incredible areas like the Chianti area. That’s where I’m taking you today so you can get to know 5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany. How about taking a Wine Tourism Tour through the Chianti Region? Click here to learn more and book!

A little more about the Chianti Zone

When we talk about the Chianti area, it is impossible not to think about wines, however, what few know is that the area is also full of castles. Most of them are very well maintained and some of them have been turned into hotels, which gives us the opportunity to feel like real royalty staying there. Click here to learn more about Castles in Italy!

Good to know…

  • Remembering that our list is not sponsored and does not follow a specific order, it is just a reference.

1) Castle to stay in Chianti: CASTELO DI BIBBIONE

5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany
Source: Booking.com

Castello di Bibbione is one of the most famous castles in the entire Chianti area. In a location immersed in nature, it stands imposingly in the Val di Pesa, between the Chianti hills: a panorama of rare beauty and harmony. This castle dates back to the year one thousand, and in the 16th century the Machiavelli family took possession of the property.

The restoration of this place was in charge of the descendants of Machiavelli Rangoni, who transformed the place into a country house and, later, into a beautiful hotel.

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2) Castle to stay in Chianti: CASTELO DI VOLPAIA

5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany
Source: Booking.com

The first documents mentioning Castello di Volpaia date back to 1172! This is also where, today, the homonymous wines are produced, all from organic farming. The place, until today, is managed by the family that for four generations has been carrying forward the dream of offering the world excellence, hospitality, flavors, aromas and colors.



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3) Castle to Stay in Chianti: CASTELO DI TORNANO

5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany
Source: Booking.com

Castello di Tornano is a former noble residence from the 11th century located in the incredible hills of Chianti. Being a historic residence, it underwent a major renovation in 2001 and became an elegant, charming hotel full of splendid landscapes.





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4) Castle to Stay in Chianti: CASTELO DI GABBIANO

5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany
Source: Booking.com

Castello Di Gabbiano is very charming! Same! The castle dates back to the 14th century and is located on an area of 100 hectares between vineyards and olive groves, which makes for magnificent panoramas! The rooms have a Tuscan Renaissance style and offer all the comforts present in modern facilities, without losing the charm of a historic place full of magic.


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5) Castle to Stay in Chianti: COMO CASTELLO DEL NERO

5 Castles to Stay in Chianti, Tuscany
Source: Booking.com

COMO Castello del Nero is perhaps one of the most elegant castles in the Chianti area. In the heart of the Tuscan hills, COMO Castello Del Nero is in a privileged position and presents us with magical panoramas, full of poetry.

The historic property has 300 hectares and the castle dates from the 12th century, offering us a decoration that masterfully blends Renaissance details and contemporary designs. The resort offers Michelin-starred dining experiences and an exclusive SPA, COMO Shambhala Retreat.

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A little history of the Chianti region

Chianti has a lot of history, as does the whole region of Tuscany! Chianti has a very ancient history and dates back to the third millennium BC. Despite having gone through events that were often troubled, full of social, political and economic implications, the localities present in Tuscany never lost their majesty!

Chianti went through three historical moments that were fundamental to make this region what it is today: the Etruscan period, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Etruscan period in Chianti

The Etruscans were a very hardworking, wise people and lived essentially from agricultural production. They were responsible for introducing vines into the region and cultivating the land. The first human settlements in Chianti date back to the third millennium BC, and it was the Etruscans, who had the center of their kingdom in this area, who were responsible for the urbanization of the territory.

The Middle Ages in Chianti

In the Middle Ages, the Chianti area emerged as a strategic land in the heart of Tuscany. Chianti was so important that it put two great Tuscan cities at war: Florence and Siena; the victory, however, went to Florence.

The Middle Ages was a period of great fighting in Chianti, as it was at this historical moment that an internal and bloody division was imposed that never seemed to end. It was also during this period that several castles were built, but the fighting was so intense that many Chianti inhabitants abandoned the cultivation of the land and returned to cultivate it only with the arrival of the Renaissance, bringing new air to the entire region.

We need to mention that, in this period, the Renaissance was carried out by the Medici family, who made Tuscany one of the most powerful regions in all of Italy, based on culture and politics.

Chianti and its success

In 1946, Tuscans were asked to vote in the referendum that would decide whether Italy should be a monarchy or a republic, and of course, the republic won. Shortly thereafter, economic development began in the region, and by the 1950s Chianti had become an important agricultural source for Tuscany.

Thus, these are the years in which the Chianti area begins to be frequented by foreigners, the first to explore the region being the British, then the Swiss, followed by the Dutch and, finally, the Americans who were responsible for the construction of villages in the region.

Wine production becomes a systematic and efficient economic source, and – finally – from the 1970s, tourism exploded in the Chianti hills making the area one of the most promising regions in all of Italy and thus making the Tuscany is one of the most visited regions in the entire country.

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